Spanish musicians died when they were 34

Here are 3 famous musicians from Spain died at 34:

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (February 17, 1836 Seville-December 22, 1870 Madrid) a.k.a. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Gustavo Adolfo Domínguez de la Bastida, Gustavo Adolfo Domínguez Bastida, Gustavo Bécquer, Gustavo Becquer, Gustavo A Becquer, Gustavo Adolfo Claudio Domínguez Bastida, Gustavo García or Gustavo Bécquer was a Spanish writer and poet. He had three children, Gregorio Gustavo Adolfo, Emilio Eusebio Bécquer and Jorge Bécquer.

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August Czartoryski

August Czartoryski (August 2, 1858 Paris-April 25, 1893 Alassio) was a Spanish personality.

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José de Espronceda

José de Espronceda (March 25, 1808 Almendralejo-May 23, 1842 Madrid) also known as Jose de Espronceda was a Spanish writer and poet.

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