Spanish musicians died when they were 45

Here are 5 famous musicians from Spain died at 45:

José Díaz

José Díaz (April 5, 1896 Seville-March 19, 1942 Tbilisi) also known as Jose Diaz was a Spanish politician.

He died in suicide.

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Carmen Amaya

Carmen Amaya (November 2, 1918 Barcelona-November 19, 1963 Begur) a.k.a. Carmen Amaya Amaya was a Spanish singer, flamenco dancer and actor.

Her discography includes: , and .

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Carlos Fernández Shaw

Carlos Fernández Shaw (September 23, 1865 Spain-June 7, 1911) also known as Carlos Fernandez Shaw was a Spanish librettist, poet and playwright.

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Maria Mercè Marçal

Maria Mercè Marçal (November 13, 1952 Ivars d'Urgell-July 5, 1998 Barcelona) a.k.a. Maria Merce Marcal or Maria Mercè Marçal i Serra was a Spanish writer, poet and translator.

She died in cancer.

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Julián Gayarre

Julián Gayarre (January 9, 1844 Spain-January 2, 1890) was a Spanish singer.

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