Spanish musicians died when they were 51

Here are 11 famous musicians from Spain died at 51:

Melchior Cano

Melchior Cano (January 6, 1509 Spain-September 30, 1560 Toledo) was a Spanish personality.

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Emilio Sagi Liñán

Emilio Sagi Liñán (March 15, 1900 Bolívar Partido-May 25, 1951 Barcelona) also known as Emilio Sagi Linan was a Spanish personality.

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José María Vidal

José María Vidal (May 6, 1935 Madrid-August 1, 1986 Valencia) was a Spanish personality.

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Blas Infante

Blas Infante (July 5, 1885 Casares, Málaga-August 11, 1936) was a Spanish writer and politician.

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Luis Chamizo Trigueros

Luis Chamizo Trigueros (November 7, 1894-December 24, 1945) was a Spanish writer.

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Paschal Baylon

Paschal Baylon (May 24, 1540 Aragon-May 17, 1592 Valencia) also known as St. Pascal Baylon was a Spanish personality.

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Vicente Martín y Soler

Vicente Martín y Soler (May 2, 1754 Valencia-January 30, 1806 Saint Petersburg) also known as Vicente Martin y Soler, Vicente Martín i Soler, Vicent Martín i Soler or Martín y Soler, Vicente was a Spanish opera composer.

His albums: Una cosa rara (Le Concerts des Nations & La Capella Reial de Catalunya feat. conductor: Jordi Savall) and Il Tutore Burlato (Orchestra da Camera "Dianapolis" feat. conductor: Miguel Heart-Bedoya, sopranos: Maria Angeles Peters, Liliana Marzano, tenors: Ernesto Palacio, Juan Diego Flórez, baritone: Marcello Lippi, bass: Giancarlo Tosi). His related genres: Ballet and Opera.

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Pablito Calvo

Pablito Calvo (March 16, 1948 Madrid-February 1, 2000 Alicante) also known as Pablo Calvo or Pablo Calvo Hidalgo was a Spanish actor and industrial engineer. He had one child, Pablito Calvo Jr..

He died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

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Jorge Mistral

Jorge Mistral (November 24, 1920 Aldaia-April 20, 1972 Mexico City) a.k.a. Modesto Llosas Rosell or Jeorge Mistral was a Spanish actor and film director.

He died caused by suicide.

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Ángel Pestaña

Ángel Pestaña (February 14, 1886 Ponferrada-December 11, 1937 Begues) a.k.a. Angel Pestana was a Spanish journalist and politician.

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Saint Dominic

Saint Dominic (April 5, 1170 Caleruega-August 6, 1221 Bologna) also known as St. Dominic, Dominic de Guzmán, Dominic of Osma, Domingo Félix de Guzmán, St. Dominic, Confessor, St. Dominic De Guzman, Saint Dominic De Guzman or Dominic was a Spanish personality.

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