Swedish actors who were born in 1901

Here are 8 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1901:

Fritiof Billquist

Fritiof Billquist (May 5, 1901 Malmö Municipality-April 21, 1972 Stockholm) otherwise known as Erik Fritiof Billqvist, Fritjof Billquist or Fritiof Billqvist was a Swedish actor.

Hilding Gavle

Hilding Gavle (August 28, 1901 Kalmar-August 4, 1969 Stockholm) also known as Hilding Winn, Hilding Bernhard Augustin Gavle, Bernhard Hilding Augustin Winn or Hilding Bernhard Augustin Svensson was a Swedish actor.

Ivar Wahlgren

Ivar Wahlgren (August 27, 1901 Värmdö-June 19, 1983 Vällingby) also known as Ivar Wahlgren Hugo or Ivar Hugo Wahlgren was a Swedish actor and singer. He had one child, Hans Wahlgren.

Max Linder

Max Linder (July 21, 1901 Malmö Municipality-July 18, 1948) was a Swedish film art director, production designer and actor.

Magnus Kesster

Magnus Kesster (July 29, 1901 Stockholm-April 15, 1975 Stockholm) also known as Karl Olof Magnus Kihlström, Magnus Kester or Magnus Kessler was a Swedish actor.

Sigfrid Tor

Sigfrid Tor (June 12, 1901 Njutånger-July 31, 1990 Malmö Municipality) also known as Emil Östlin or Sigurd Tor was a Swedish actor.

Tage Erlander

Tage Erlander (June 13, 1901 Ransäter-June 21, 1985 Huddinge Municipality) a.k.a. Tage Fritiof Erlander was a Swedish actor and politician. He had one child, Sven Erlander.

Alf Östlund

Alf Östlund (January 20, 1901 Västernorrland County-January 4, 1974 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

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