Swedish actors who were born in 1908

Here are 5 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1908:

Yngve Nordwall

Yngve Nordwall (April 13, 1908 Uppsala-January 23, 1994 Gothenburg) also known as Axel Yngve Nordwall or Yngve Nordvall was a Swedish film director and actor. He had three children, Gurie Nordwall, Akke Nordwall and Axel Fredrik Nordwall.

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Sture Lagerwall

Sture Lagerwall (December 13, 1908 Stockholm-November 1, 1964 Limhamn) was a Swedish film director and actor.

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Nils Poppe

Nils Poppe (May 31, 1908 Malmö Municipality-June 28, 2000 Helsingborg) also known as Nils Einar Jönsson was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, comedian and film director. His children are called Anja Landgré, Dan Landgré, Thomas Poppe and Mia Poppe.

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Birger Lensander

Birger Lensander (October 31, 1908 Södertälje-March 3, 1971 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

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Curt Löwgren

Curt Löwgren (December 20, 1908 Jukkasjärvi-March 15, 1967 Råsunda) also known as Curt Löfgren or Curt Lövgren was a Swedish actor.

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