Swedish actors who were born in 1920

Here are 10 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1920:

Jan Molander

Jan Molander (April 2, 1920 Stockholm-June 30, 2009 Sweden) also known as Jan Göran Gustaf Harald Molander was a Swedish film director, actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Mari Molander and Anita Molander.

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Alf Kjellin

Alf Kjellin (February 28, 1920 Lund-April 5, 1988 Beverly Hills) also known as Alf Gunnar Helgesson Kjellin or Christopher Kent was a Swedish actor, television director, screenwriter and film director.

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Ulf Palme

Ulf Palme (October 18, 1920 Stockholm-May 12, 1993 Ingarö) was a Swedish actor, author and film director. His child is called Beatrice Palme.

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Börje Nyberg

Börje Nyberg (March 26, 1920 Stockholm-May 2, 2005 Stockholm County) also known as Åke Widdberg or Börge Nyberg was a Swedish film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Stig Olin

Stig Olin (September 11, 1920 Stockholm-June 28, 2008 Sweden) a.k.a. Stig Högberg was a Swedish actor, film director, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, theatre director, film score composer and radio personality. His children are called Lena Olin and Mats Olin.

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Per-Axel Arosenius

Per-Axel Arosenius (November 7, 1920 Norberg-March 21, 1981 Nacka) also known as Per Axel Arosenius, Per Arosenius, Peter Rose, Per Axel Daniel Rank Arosenius, Per-Axel Daniel Rank Arosenius or P A Arosenius was a Swedish actor.

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Birger Malmsten

Birger Malmsten (December 23, 1920 Gräsö-February 15, 1991 Stockholm) also known as Albert Birger Malmsten was a Swedish actor. He had two children, Liselotte Malmsten and Claes Malmsten.

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Bengt Ekerot

Bengt Ekerot (February 8, 1920 Stockholm-November 26, 1971 Stockholm) otherwise known as Bengt Ekeroth or Nils Bengt Folke Ekerot was a Swedish actor, television director and film director.

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Carl-Axel Elfving

Carl-Axel Elfving (January 12, 1920 Örnsköldsvik-January 12, 1988 Enskede-Årsta-Vantör) a.k.a. Karl-Axel Elfing, Karl Axel Elfving or Karl-Axel Elfving was a Swedish actor.

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Jan Erik Lindqvist

Jan Erik Lindqvist (July 25, 1920 Stockholm-October 23, 1988) a.k.a. Jan Erik Lindkvist, Jan Erik Lindqvist or Jan-Erik Lindqvist was a Swedish actor.

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