Swedish actors who were born in 1930

Here are 11 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1930:

Bo Widerberg

Bo Widerberg (June 8, 1930 Malmö Municipality-May 1, 1997 Båstad) also known as Bo Gunnar Widerberg or Bo Wideberg was a Swedish screenwriter, film director, film editor and actor. His children are called Johan Widerberg, Nina Widerberg, Martin Widerberg and Matilda Widerberg.

Sigge Parling

Sigge Parling (March 26, 1930 Forsbacka-) also known as Sigvard "Sigge" Emanuel Parling is a Swedish actor.

Hans Dahlberg

Hans Dahlberg (August 4, 1930 Stockholm County-) is a Swedish actor, film director and author.

Tage Severin

Tage Severin (November 13, 1930 Lindome-) a.k.a. Tage Severinson is a Swedish actor.

Per Sjöstrand

Per Sjöstrand (July 29, 1930 Stockholm-October 25, 2008 Viken, Sweden) was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter. His child is called Maria Sjöstrand.

Leif Hedberg

Leif Hedberg (May 20, 1930 Stockholm-October 20, 2007 Malmö Municipality) was a Swedish actor.

Hatte Furuhagen

Hatte Furuhagen (November 12, 1930 Norrköping-) also known as Hans Furuhagen is a Swedish actor.

Alf Nilsson

Alf Nilsson (May 18, 1930 Boden-) is a Swedish actor. He has three children, Johan Gry, Karin Gry and Egil Gry.

Folke Asplund

Folke Asplund (August 20, 1930 Malmberget-November 22, 2010 Luleå) was a Swedish actor.

Jan-Olof Rydqvist

Jan-Olof Rydqvist (January 26, 1930 Stockholm-January 26, 1977 Stockholm) also known as Jan-Erik Rydkvist was a Swedish actor.

Bo Swedberg

Bo Swedberg (November 24, 1930 Gothenburg and Bohus County-) also known as Bo Carl Hjalmar Swedberg is a Swedish actor.

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