Swedish actors who were born in 1954

Here are 8 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1954:

Magnus Uggla

Magnus Uggla (June 18, 1954 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Per Allan Magnus Claesson Uggla is a Swedish actor. He has three children, Agnes Uggla, Ruben Uggla and Emelie Uggla.

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Philip Zandén

Philip Zandén (July 23, 1954 Gothenburg-) otherwise known as Jean Philip Zandén, Philip Zanden, Gösta Jean Philip Zandén or Gosta Jean Philip Zandén is a Swedish actor and film director. He has four children, Maximilian Wallér Zandén, Adrian Wallér Zandén, Alice Esther Leisner and Gabriel Leisner.

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Bengt Nilsson

Bengt Nilsson (January 27, 1954 Vittangi-) is a Swedish actor.

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Johan Ulveson

Johan Ulveson (May 30, 1954 Stockholm-) also known as Karl Johan Magnus Ulveson or Johan Ulvesson is a Swedish actor.

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Göran Thorell

Göran Thorell (May 24, 1954 Bromma-) is a Swedish actor.

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Roland Eriksson

Roland Eriksson (March 1, 1954 Borlänge Municipality-) also known as Bengt "Roland" Eriksson or Roland Bengt Eriksson is a Swedish ice hockey player and actor.

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Per Nilsson

Per Nilsson (February 13, 1954 Möllevången-) a.k.a. Per Håkan Stefan Nilsson is a Swedish writer, actor and author.

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Rolf Sohlman

Rolf Sohlman (March 12, 1954 Stockholm-) is a Swedish television director, film producer, television producer and actor. His child is called Måns Tristan Sohlman.

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