Swedish actors who were born in 1955

Here are 10 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1955:

Bertram Heribertson

Bertram Heribertson (November 11, 1955-) is a Swedish actor.

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Björn Andrésen

Björn Andrésen (January 26, 1955 Stockholm-) also known as Bjorn Andresen, Björn Andresen, Björn Johan Andrésen or The Beautiful Boy is a Swedish actor and musician. He has one child, Robin Andrésen.

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Klas Östergren

Klas Östergren (February 20, 1955 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Klas Ostergren is a Swedish novelist, screenwriter, translator and actor. He has one child, Agnes Östergren.

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Rolf Lassgård

Rolf Lassgård (March 29, 1955 Östersund-) also known as Rolf Lassgard or Rolf Holger Lassgård is a Swedish actor. He has three children, Ida Lassgård, Hanne Lassgård and Anton Lassgård.

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Ale Möller

Ale Möller (March 26, 1955 Sweden-) also known as Arild Staffan Möller, Ale Moller, Möller, Ale or Arild Möller is a Swedish composer, film score composer and actor.

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Stefan Sauk

Stefan Sauk (June 6, 1955 Södermalm-) is a Swedish actor. He has one child, Lova Sauk.

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Göran Forsmark

Göran Forsmark (February 4, 1955 Malmberget-) a.k.a. Rolf Göran Forsmark or Rolf Goran Forsmark is a Swedish actor.

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Pontus Gustafsson

Pontus Gustafsson (August 15, 1955 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Pontus Gustafson is a Swedish actor.

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Dan Ekborg

Dan Ekborg (November 23, 1955 Stockholm-) also known as Dan Peder Clemens Ekborg is a Swedish actor. His children are called Isak Ekborg, Linnéa Ekborg, Maud Ekborg and Nils Ekborg.

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Stig Larsson

Stig Larsson (July 20, 1955 Skellefteå-) also known as Stig Håkan Larsson is a Swedish screenwriter, actor, film director, author and writer.

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