Swedish actors who were born in 1956

Here are 6 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1956:

Peter Dalle

Peter Dalle (December 5, 1956 Stockholm-) also known as Dan Peter Dalle is a Swedish actor, screenwriter, film director and comedian. He has one child, Eira Dalle.

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Tomas Norström

Tomas Norström (May 23, 1956 Södertälje-) also known as Stig Tomas Norström or Thomas Norström is a Swedish actor and screenwriter.

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Lennart Jähkel

Lennart Jähkel (September 27, 1956 Piteå-) also known as Lennart Jahkel, Carl Gustav Lennart Jähkel or Lennart Jähkl is a Swedish actor.

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Ulf Larsson

Ulf Larsson (July 1, 1956 Bromma-September 28, 2009) also known as Ulf Sigfrid Larsson or Uffe Larsson was a Swedish writer, theatre director, comedian and actor.

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Anders Eriksson

Anders Eriksson (August 3, 1956 Trollhättan-) also known as Galenskaparna or Anders Georg Eriksson is a Swedish comedian, actor and singer.

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Steffo Törnqvist

Steffo Törnqvist (January 12, 1956 Linköping-) also known as Steffo Törnquist, Bo Stefan "Steffo" Tornquist or Steffo is a Swedish actor.

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