Swedish actors who were born in 1960

Here are 9 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1960:

Michael Nyqvist

Michael Nyqvist (November 8, 1960 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Rolf Åke Michael Nyqvist, Micke, Michael Nykvist, Michael Nyquist, Micke Nyqvist, Mikael Nyqvist, Rolf Åke Mikael Nyqvist, Mikael or Michael is a Swedish actor and author. He has two children, Ellen Nyqvist and Arthur Nyqvist.

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Kjell Hilding Lövbom

Kjell Hilding Lövbom (February 20, 1960 Ludvika-) a.k.a. Kjell Hilding Lovbom, Kee Marcello, Marcello, Kee or Kee and the Kick is a Swedish guitarist and actor. He has one child, Tim Lövbom.

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Anders Ekborg

Anders Ekborg (October 9, 1960 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Ekborg, Anders or Jon Anders Ekborg is a Swedish actor and singer. His children are called Dina Ekborg and Channa Ekborg.

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Harald Hamrell

Harald Hamrell (December 13, 1960 Uppsala-) also known as Ivar Olof Harald Hamrell is a Swedish television director, actor, screenwriter, film director, film editor and film producer. He has two children, Jenny Hamrell and Hanna Hamrell.

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Douglas Johansson

Douglas Johansson (January 31, 1960 Solna Municipality-) otherwise known as Sten Gunnar Douglas Johansson is a Swedish actor.

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Per Morberg

Per Morberg (June 23, 1960 Stockholm-) also known as Per-Arne Henrik Morberg or Per-Arne Henrik Andersson is a Swedish actor, chef, presenter and tv chef.

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Per Carlsson

Per Carlsson (December 16, 1960-) is a Swedish athlete and actor.

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Isidor Torkar

Isidor Torkar (August 17, 1960 Slovenia-) is a Swedish actor.

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Ulf Hasseltorp

Ulf Hasseltorp (September 28, 1960 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Ulf Karl Åke Hasseltorp is a Swedish actor.

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