Swedish actors who were born in 1967

Here are 8 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1967:

Felix Herngren

Felix Herngren (February 4, 1967 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Felix Tobias Herngren is a Swedish comedian, television director, actor, television editor and screenwriter. His children are called Fanny Herngren, Vera Herngren, Leo Herngren, Bill Herngren and Iris Herngren.

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Gustaf Hammarsten

Gustaf Hammarsten (September 2, 1967 Stockholm-) also known as Gustav Hammarsten is a Swedish actor.

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Johan Wester

Johan Wester (December 19, 1967 Lund-) is a Swedish actor, screenwriter and television director.

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Jacob Ericksson

Jacob Ericksson (January 7, 1967 Sala-) also known as Jacob Eriksson, Jacob Abel Joachim Eriksson or Jakob Eriksson is a Swedish actor. He has one child, Johanna Ericksson.

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Jean-Pierre Barda

Jean-Pierre Barda (March 7, 1967 Paris-) also known as Barda, Jean-Pierre is a Swedish actor and singer.

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Simon Norrthon

Simon Norrthon (August 4, 1967 Fosie-) also known as Erik Simon Norrthon is a Swedish actor.

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Anders Jansson

Anders Jansson (October 9, 1967 Staffanstorp-) otherwise known as Lars Anders Jansson is a Swedish actor, comedian, screenwriter and television director.

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Magnus Krepper

Magnus Krepper (January 10, 1967 Norrköping-) also known as Rolf Magnus Krepper is a Swedish actor, dancer, singer and magician. He has two children, Leo Krepper and Hilda Krepper.

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