Swedish actors who were born in 1975

Here are 8 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1975:


Markoolio (January 1, 1975 Lahti-) also known as Marko Kristian Lehtosalo, Marko Lehtosalo, Marko 'Markoolio' Lehtosalo or Marko Lethosalo is a Swedish singer and actor. His children are called Moa Lehtosalo and Melker Lehtosalo.

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Richard Ulfsäter

Richard Ulfsäter (September 1, 1975 Helsingborg-) also known as Richard Claes Erik Ulfsäter or Rickard Ulfsäter is a Swedish actor.

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Timbuktu (January 11, 1975 Lund-) also known as Jason Diakite, Jason Michael Robinson Diakité, Urban Schmutz, Urban Smuts, Timbuk, Jason Diakité or Jason Diakaté is a Swedish songwriter, singer, rapper and actor.

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Kalle Seldahl

Kalle Seldahl (June 12, 1975 Gothenburg-) also known as Karl Seldahl, Kalle Wollter, Wollter or Karl Joni Seldahl is a Swedish actor.

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Johar Bendjelloul

Johar Bendjelloul (September 1, 1975 Stockholm-) is a Swedish presenter, journalist and actor.

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Douglas Leon

Douglas Leon (July 24, 1975 Alby, Botkyrka-) also known as Dogge Doggelito, Idit Dogge Doggelito or Douglas Léon is a Swedish rapper, actor, author, orator and music artist. He has two children, Bianca Léon and Angelica Léon.

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Özz Nûjen

Özz Nûjen (June 20, 1975 Turkey-) also known as Nüjen Özz or Özz Nujen is a Swedish actor.

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Henrik Ståhl

Henrik Ståhl (July 31, 1975-) is a Swedish actor, playwright and author.

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