Swedish actors who were born in 1985

Here are 7 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1985:

Petter Darin

Petter Darin (February 19, 1985 Stockholm County-) is a Swedish actor.

Mats Wennberg

Mats Wennberg (January 8, 1985 Älvsborg County-) is a Swedish actor.

Roger Rodriguez

Roger Rodriguez (February 21, 1985 Uppsala-) also known as Lasse Roger Carlos Rodriguez is a Swedish actor and film director.

Alexander Salzberger

Alexander Salzberger (June 6, 1985-) is a Swedish screenwriter, actor and comedian.

Malte Forsberg

Malte Forsberg (January 13, 1985-) also known as Karl Malte Tomas Obbel Forsberg is a Swedish actor.

Jimmy Sandin

Jimmy Sandin (April 23, 1985-) is a Swedish actor.

Johan Matton

Johan Matton (June 22, 1985 Stockholm-) also known as John or Johan Patrik Fredrik Matton is a Swedish actor and film producer.

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