Swedish actors who were born in 1988

Here are 8 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1988:

Mohamed Said

Mohamed Said (March 15, 1988 Baghdad-) is a Swedish actor.

William C. Woxlin

William C. Woxlin (January 21, 1988-) a.k.a. William Woxlin or William Johansson is a Swedish artist, screenwriter, actor, composer, playwright, author and music artist.

Eddie Razaz

Eddie Razaz (December 21, 1988 Stockholm-) also known as Ardalan Razaz Rahmati is a Swedish singer, actor and model.

Adam Palsson

Adam Palsson (March 25, 1988-) also known as Adam Gustav Justus Pålsson is a Swedish actor and musician.

Kristoffer Berglund

Kristoffer Berglund (February 8, 1988 Sollefteå-) is a Swedish actor.

Carl Lönndahl

Carl Lönndahl (April 22, 1988 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Andreas Haglund

Andreas Haglund (July 8, 1988 Stockholm-) also known as Andreas Jon Olof Haglund is a Swedish sound editor, sound mixer, boom operator, actor and film director.

Jonathan Andersson

Jonathan Andersson (July 19, 1988-) is a Swedish actor.

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