Swedish actors who were born in 1992

Here are 6 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1992:

Charlie Gustafsson

Charlie Gustafsson (February 16, 1992 Stockholm-) also known as Charlie Gustafsson Ribenius, Charlie Gustafsson-Ribenius or Charlie Gustavsson is a Swedish actor and screenwriter.

Stephan Enquist

Stephan Enquist (June 24, 1992 Singapore-) is a Swedish actor.

Viktor Axelsson

Viktor Axelsson (December 17, 1992-) also known as Viktor Jan Gustaf Axelsson is a Swedish actor.

William Svedberg

William Svedberg (March 17, 1992-) also known as Leo William Emanuel Svedberg is a Swedish actor.

Eric Lager

Eric Lager (March 16, 1992-) also known as Erik Lager is a Swedish actor.

Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs

Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs (December 14, 1992-) otherwise known as Sebbe is a Swedish actor and photographer.

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