Swedish actors who were born in 1994

Here are 5 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1994:

Bisse Unger

Bisse Unger (February 17, 1994 Lidingö-) otherwise known as Fredrik 'Bisse' Unger, Fredrik Unger or Bisse Fredrik Eric Albert Unger is a Swedish actor and child actor.

Patrik Rydmark

Patrik Rydmark (November 8, 1994 Nacka-) also known as Patrik Olofsson Rydmark is a Swedish actor.

Johan Sömnes

Johan Sömnes (September 2, 1994-) is a Swedish actor.

Edvin Endre

Edvin Endre (July 1, 1994 Stockholm-) also known as Eddie Hansson or Eddie Endre Hanzon is a Swedish actor.

Simon Stadin

Simon Stadin (August 10, 1994 Delsbo-) a.k.a. Per Simon Stadin or Simonsko Stadinovic is a Swedish film director, film producer, film editor, actor and screenwriter.

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