Swedish actors who deceased at age 70

Here are 7 famous actors from Sweden died at 70:

Jarl Kulle

Jarl Kulle (February 27, 1927 Ekeby, Bjuv-October 3, 1997 Bergshamra) also known as Jarl Lage Kulle was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter. He had five children, Linda Kulle, Hanna Kulle, Maria Kulle, Anna Kulle and Mia Kulle Rydsjö.

He died caused by bone cancer.

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Adolf Jahr

Adolf Jahr (June 23, 1893 Nälden-April 19, 1964 Stockholm) a.k.a. Adolf Johansson, The Sweedish Douglas Fairbanks, John Reinhold Adolf Johansson or Jahr, Adolf was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Fritiof Billquist

Fritiof Billquist (May 5, 1901 Malmö Municipality-April 21, 1972 Stockholm) otherwise known as Erik Fritiof Billqvist, Fritjof Billquist or Fritiof Billqvist was a Swedish actor.

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Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt

Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt (February 24, 1921 Kungsholmen-January 16, 1992 Stockholm) a.k.a. Carl Gustaf Lindstedt, Tre Knas, 'Qluttas' Lindstedt, Carl-Gustav Lindstedt, Carl-Gustaf, Carl or Carl Gustav Lindstedt was a Swedish actor, writer and screenwriter. He had one child, Pierre Lindstedt.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Birger Malmsten

Birger Malmsten (December 23, 1920 Gräsö-February 15, 1991 Stockholm) also known as Albert Birger Malmsten was a Swedish actor. He had two children, Liselotte Malmsten and Claes Malmsten.

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Jan Halldoff

Jan Halldoff (September 4, 1939 Stockholm-July 23, 2010 Stockholm) a.k.a. Jan Harry Halldoff or Janne Halldoff was a Swedish film director, screenwriter and actor.

He died in esophageal cancer.

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Ivar Kåge

Ivar Kåge (February 21, 1881 Stockholm-April 21, 1951 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor. He had two children, and .

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