Swedish actors who deceased at age 76

Here are 4 famous actors from Sweden died at 76:

Gunnar Björnstrand

Gunnar Björnstrand (November 13, 1909 Stockholm-May 26, 1986 Djursholm) a.k.a. Gunnar Bjornstrand, Gunnar, Knut Gunnar Johansson or Knut Gunnar Johanson was a Swedish actor. He had four children, Veronica Björnstrand, Stefan Björnstrand, Gabrielle Björnstrand and Kristina Björnstrand.

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Alf Sjöberg

Alf Sjöberg (June 21, 1903 Stockholm-April 17, 1980 Stockholm) otherwise known as Alf Sjoberg or Sven Erik Alf Sjöberg was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, actor and theatre director.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Georg Skarstedt

Georg Skarstedt (January 31, 1900 Falun-December 8, 1976 Vällingby) also known as Per Georg Wilhelm Skarstedt was a Swedish actor.

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Sven Scholander

Sven Scholander (April 21, 1860 Stockholm-December 14, 1936 Djursholm) was a Swedish actor.

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