Swedish actors who deceased in 1964

Here are 6 famous actors from Sweden died in 1964:

Sture Lagerwall

Sture Lagerwall (December 13, 1908 Stockholm-November 1, 1964 Limhamn) was a Swedish film director and actor.

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Adolf Jahr

Adolf Jahr (June 23, 1893 Nälden-April 19, 1964 Stockholm) a.k.a. Adolf Johansson, The Sweedish Douglas Fairbanks, John Reinhold Adolf Johansson or Jahr, Adolf was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Karl Gerhard

Karl Gerhard (April 14, 1891 Stockholm-April 22, 1964 Saltsjöbaden) also known as Gerhard, Karl, Karl Gerhardt, Karl-Gerhard or Karl Gerhard Johnsson was a Swedish singer, actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Fatima Ekman.

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John Botvid

John Botvid (September 12, 1889 Gothenburg-February 20, 1964 Stockholm) also known as John Botvid Börjesson was a Swedish comedian and actor. He had two children, Rolf Botvid and Gerd Botvid.

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Rolf de Maré

Rolf de Maré (May 9, 1888 Stockholm-April 28, 1964 Barcelona) also known as Rolf de Mare was a Swedish art collector, film producer and actor.

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Arne Lindblad

Arne Lindblad (January 30, 1887 Gothenburg-December 19, 1964 Täby) was a Swedish actor.

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