Swedish actors who deceased in 2005

Here are 7 famous actors from Sweden died in 2005:

Micke Dubois

Micke Dubois (February 25, 1959 Solna Municipality-November 30, 2005 Huddinge Municipality) a.k.a. Mikael Mattias Dubois, Dubois, Micke, Mikael Dubois, Mats Mikael Dubois, Svullo or Mats Mikael "Micke" Dubois was a Swedish comedian and actor. His children are called Michelle Dubois, Kevin Dubois and Celine Dubois.

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Percy Brandt

Percy Brandt (November 7, 1922 Lahore-December 4, 2005 Gothenburg) was a Swedish actor. His child is called Paula Brandt.

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Börje Nyberg

Börje Nyberg (March 26, 1920 Stockholm-May 2, 2005 Stockholm County) also known as Åke Widdberg or Börge Nyberg was a Swedish film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Kent Andersson

Kent Andersson (December 2, 1933 Lundby, Gothenburg-November 3, 2005 Gothenburg) also known as Kent Yngve Andersson was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, playwright and theatre director. He had three children, Cecilia Andersson, Agneta Andersson and Martin Andersson.

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Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson (December 5, 1931 Stockholm-July 17, 2005 Stockholm) also known as Tommy Clarence Fredrik Johnson was a Swedish actor. He had one child, Mimi Johnson.

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Totta Näslund

Totta Näslund (April 1, 1945 Sandviken-June 19, 2005 Gothenburg) also known as Thorsten Naslund, Totta Naslund, Thorsten Näslund or Näslund, Totta was a Swedish singer and actor.

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Åke Strömmer

Åke Strömmer (June 10, 1936 Härnösand-February 22, 2005 Borlänge) was a Swedish actor.

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