Swedish actors who deceased in 2010

Here are 8 famous actors from Sweden died in 2010:

Nils Hallberg

Nils Hallberg (September 18, 1921 Stockholm-October 8, 2010 Stockholm) otherwise known as Nisse Hallberg or Nils Bertil Hallberg was a Swedish actor. He had three children, Mattias Hallberg, Mikael Hallberg and Messiah Hallberg.

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Emil Forselius

Emil Forselius (November 23, 1974 Västervik-March 2, 2010 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

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Gösta Bredefeldt

Gösta Bredefeldt (December 19, 1935 Gothenburg-January 9, 2010 Stockholm) a.k.a. Gösta Johan Harwey Bredefeldt, Gosta Johan Harwey Bredefeldt or Gosta Bredefeldt was a Swedish actor. His child is called Ellen Bredefeldt.

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Per Oscarsson

Per Oscarsson (January 28, 1927 Kungsholmen-December 31, 2010 Västra Götaland County) also known as Per Oscar Heinrich Oscarsson or Per Oscarson was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer. He had three children, Boman Oscarsson, Tatiana Oscarsson and Pernilla Oscarsson.

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Martin Ljung

Martin Ljung (August 15, 1917 Luleå-September 30, 2010 Stockholm) a.k.a. Martin Vilhelm Ljung, Martin Young or Ljung, Martin was a Swedish actor and comedian. He had two children, Ann-Charlotte Ljung and Claes-Martin Ljung.

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Jan Halldoff

Jan Halldoff (September 4, 1939 Stockholm-July 23, 2010 Stockholm) a.k.a. Jan Harry Halldoff or Janne Halldoff was a Swedish film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Thomas Funck

Thomas Funck (October 26, 1919 Linköping-December 30, 2010 Småland) a.k.a. Thomas Fredrik Georg Funck was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, film score composer, voice actor and author. He had one child, Gustav Funck.

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Jonas Falk

Jonas Falk (August 3, 1944 Örgryte-December 26, 2010) otherwise known as Jonas Emanuel Falk was a Swedish actor.

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