Swedish actors who deceased in 2011

Here are 4 famous actors from Sweden died in 2011:

Ricky Bruch

Ricky Bruch (July 2, 1946 Gothenburg-May 30, 2011 Ystad) also known as Bruch, Ricky, Björn Rickard "Ricky" Bruch, Björn Rickard Bruch, The Bear of Malmö or Rickard Bruch was a Swedish actor and athlete.

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Per Grundén

Per Grundén (May 23, 1922 Eskilstuna-February 6, 2011 Trosa) a.k.a. Per Grunden, Per Gustaf Grundén or Per Gustaf Grunden was a Swedish actor, opera singer and singer. He had three children, Mikael Grundén, Lena Grundén and Maria Grundén.

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Ingvar Wixell

Ingvar Wixell (May 7, 1931 Luleå-October 8, 2011 Malmö Municipality) also known as Wixell, Ingvar was a Swedish singer and actor. His children are called Jette Wixell and Marit Wixell.

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Lasse Brandeby

Lasse Brandeby (April 27, 1945 Gothenburg-November 20, 2011 Gothenburg) a.k.a. Brandeby, Lasse, Lars Brandeby, Lars Thorsten Brandeby or Kurt Olsson was a Swedish actor and screenwriter. His child is called Anna Brandeby.

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