Swedish actresses who were born in 1908

Here are 5 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1908:

Lizzie Stein

Lizzie Stein (December 26, 1908 Trelleborg-June 4, 1989 Helsingborg) also known as Astrid Ingeborg Elisabeth Stein or Lizzy Stein was a Swedish actor.

Hjördis Petterson

Hjördis Petterson (October 17, 1908 Visby-May 27, 1988 Stockholm) also known as Hjördis Olga Maria Petterson, Hjördis, Hjordis Petterson, Hjördis Pettersson, Hjördis Olga Maria Pettersson or Hjördis Peterson was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Annika Renström.

Naemi Briese

Naemi Briese (March 4, 1908 Stockholm-August 20, 1980 Stockholm) also known as Naemi Viktoria Louise Söderström was a Swedish actor and singer.

Dagmar Olsson

Dagmar Olsson (September 27, 1908 Stockholm-December 20, 1980 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

Birgit Cullberg

Birgit Cullberg (August 3, 1908 Nyköping-September 8, 1999 Stockholm) was a Swedish film director and actor. She had three children, Mats Ek, Malin Ek and Niklas Ek.

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