Swedish actresses who were born in 1919

Here are 8 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1919:

Karin Nordgren

Karin Nordgren (April 30, 1919 Landskrona-January 20, 2001 Stockholm) also known as Karin Elisabet Nordgren or Karin Håkansson was a Swedish actor.

Gerd Hagman

Gerd Hagman (July 4, 1919 Stockholm-December 1, 2011) was a Swedish actor.

Maj-Britt Håkansson

Maj-Britt Håkansson (March 29, 1919 Gothenburg-) a.k.a. May-Britt Frati, Maj-Britt Fant, Maj-Britt Håkanson, Maj Fant or Hakansson Maj-Britt is a Swedish actor.

Hjördis Paulina Tersmeden

Hjördis Paulina Tersmeden (November 10, 1919 Åsarne-December 24, 1997) also known as Hjördis Genberg, Hjordis Paulina Tersmeden, Hjordis Tersdemen, Hjördis Paulina Genberg or Hjördis Genberg-Niven was a Swedish actor and model. She had two children, Fiona Niven and Kristina Niven.

Kerstin Rabe

Kerstin Rabe (January 14, 1919 Gothenburg-May 9, 2007 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

Annika Tretow

Annika Tretow (January 31, 1919 Stockholm-November 5, 1979) was a Swedish actor. She had two children, Jocke Josephson and Mattias Josephson.

Agneta Lagerfeldt

Agneta Lagerfeldt (February 18, 1919 Stockholm-January 27, 2013 Stockholm) also known as Agneta Lagerfelt was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Christian Peters.

Eivor Landström

Eivor Landström (March 22, 1919 Stockholm-August 4, 2004 Stockholm) also known as Harriet Eivor Emilie Landström was a Swedish actor.

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