Swedish actresses who were born in 1926

Here are 7 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1926:

Rosa Taikon

Rosa Taikon (July 30, 1926 Sweden-) is a Swedish actor and silversmith.

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Ingrid Thulin

Ingrid Thulin (January 27, 1926 Sollefteå-January 7, 2004 Stockholm) also known as Ingrid Tulean or Ingrid Lilian Thulin was a Swedish actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Margreth Weivers

Margreth Weivers (July 24, 1926 Stockholm-) also known as Margareth Weivers, Margeret Weivers, Margreth Weivers Norström, Margaret Weivers, Margreth Weivers-Norström, Margreth Weivers-Nordström or Margeret Weivers-Norström is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Per Norström.

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Bojan Westin

Bojan Westin (September 5, 1926 Iggesund, Hudiksvall-October 4, 2013 Stockholm) a.k.a. Bojan Westin Reuter was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Suzanne Reuter.

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Nine-Christine Jönsson

Nine-Christine Jönsson (June 8, 1926 Stockholm-January 3, 2011) was a Swedish actor, author and screenwriter.

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Brita Borg

Brita Borg (June 10, 1926 Stockholm-May 4, 2010 Borgholm) a.k.a. Britta Borg, Borg, Brita, Brita Kerstin Gunvor Borg, Flickery Flies or Vårat gäng was a Swedish actor and singer. She had one child, Allan Borg.

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Doris Svedlund

Doris Svedlund (December 11, 1926 Stockholm-September 7, 1985 Sweden) was a Swedish actor.

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