Swedish actresses who were born in 1941

Here are 15 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1941:


Ann-Margret (April 28, 1941 Stockholm-) also known as Ann Margaret, Ann Margret, Miss Ann Margret, Ann-Margaret, Ann-Margret Olsson or Slugger is a Swedish singer, actor and dancer.

Malou Hallström

Malou Hallström (May 11, 1941 Solna-February 3, 2005 Stockholm) a.k.a. Marlene Christine Malou Dahlberg or Marlene Christine Malou Hallström was a Swedish film editor and actor. Her children are called Christian Dahlberg and Johan Hallström.

Monica Ekman

Monica Ekman (December 20, 1941 Stockholm-) also known as Monica Flodquist is a Swedish actor.

Barbro Oborg

Barbro Oborg (July 3, 1941 Stockholm-) also known as Barbro Christina Oborg Ljunggren or Barbro Oborg Ljunggren is a Swedish actor. Her children are called Maria Ljunggren, Matti Ljunggren and Petter Ljunggren.

Essy Persson

Essy Persson (June 15, 1941 Gothenburg-) otherwise known as Essy Ingeborg Vilhelmina Persson is a Swedish actor.

Maude Adelson

Maude Adelson (May 13, 1941 Gothenburg-April 11, 1977 Stockholm) also known as Maude Sylvia Adelsson was a Swedish actor.

Carina Ahrle

Carina Ahrle (September 2, 1941 Lidingö-) a.k.a. Carina Ahrle-Rehnborg is a Swedish actor and costume designer. She has one child, Lars Melin.

Monica Nordquist

Monica Nordquist (February 3, 1941 Bromma-) a.k.a. Eva Gun Monica Nordquist or Eva Gun Monica Nordquist Graffman is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Emil Graffman.

Ellen Roberto

Ellen Roberto (April 17, 1941-) is a Swedish actor. Her children are called Paolo Roberto and Ian Roberto.

Sandy Mansson

Sandy Mansson (April 6, 1941 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as Sandy Manson is a Swedish actor, dancer, choreographer and politician.

Ann-Cathrin Palme

Ann-Cathrin Palme (September 14, 1941 Solna Municipality-) is a Swedish actor.

Christina Stenius

Christina Stenius (March 11, 1941 Helsinki-) a.k.a. Christina Sinikka Stenius is a Swedish actor. Her children are called and .

Paula Jagæus

Paula Jagæus (March 26, 1941 Örebro-) also known as Paula Jageus is a Swedish actor.

Inger Öjebro

Inger Öjebro (October 14, 1941 Overlulea-) a.k.a. Inger Kristina Öjebro is a Swedish actor.

Gunilla Elm-Tornkvist

Gunilla Elm-Tornkvist (March 5, 1941 Helsingborg-) otherwise known as Gunilla Elisabet Elm is a Swedish actor.

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