Swedish actresses who were born in 1942

Here are 5 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1942:

Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland (October 6, 1942 Stockholm-) also known as Britt-Marie Ekland, Britt-Marie Ecklund, Britt-Marie Eklund, Britta Ekman, Britt Marie Eklund, Britt Eckland or Britt is a Swedish actor, singer, screenwriter and film director. She has three children, Victoria Sellers, Nikolaj Adler and T.J. Mcdonnell.

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Marie Göranzon

Marie Göranzon (October 27, 1942 Linköping-) also known as Marie Goranzon, Britt-Marie Elisabeth Göranzon Malmsjö, Mari Göranzon or Marie Görnazon is a Swedish actor. She has two children, Jonas Malmsjö and Lolo Amble.

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Laila Novak

Laila Novak (January 29, 1942 Nybro-) a.k.a. Laila Linnea Maria Nyborg or Laila Nyborg is a Swedish actor and model.

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Sonja Lund

Sonja Lund (March 29, 1942 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor and dancer. She has one child, Regina Lund.

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Anita Sanders

Anita Sanders (April 3, 1942 Sweden-) also known as Anita Johannesson is a Swedish actor and model.

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