Swedish actresses who were born in 1949

Here are 14 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1949:

Janet Ågren

Janet Ågren (April 6, 1949 Landskrona-) a.k.a. Janet Ahgren, Janet Ågren Maietto or Janet Agren is a Swedish actor and fashion model.

Anja Landgré

Anja Landgré (August 29, 1949 Danderyd-) is a Swedish actor.

Maria Hedborg

Maria Hedborg (April 13, 1949 Gothenburg-) is a Swedish actor.

Leonore Ekstrand

Leonore Ekstrand (September 20, 1949 Lidingö-) also known as Leonore Esther Vera Irma Ruriksdotter Ekstrand is a Swedish actor.

Marianne Mörck

Marianne Mörck (September 2, 1949 Nödinge-Nol-) is a Swedish actor, singer and theatre director.

Angelica Lundqvist

Angelica Lundqvist (October 8, 1949 Stockholm-) also known as Angelica Lundquist is a Swedish actor and screenwriter. She has one child, Fanny Risberg.

Katarina Strandmark

Katarina Strandmark (July 13, 1949 Malmö Municipality-) is a Swedish actor.

Pia Degermark

Pia Degermark (August 24, 1949 Bromma-) is a Swedish actor. She has two children, Cesare Caminnecci and Robbin Degermark.

Lola Ewerlund

Lola Ewerlund (June 23, 1949 Örebro-) is a Swedish actor.

Eva Millberg

Eva Millberg (April 27, 1949 Solna-) is a Swedish actor.

Ulla Jerndin

Ulla Jerndin (November 26, 1949 Falkenberg-) is a Swedish actor.

Bergljót Arnadóttir

Bergljót Arnadóttir (December 20, 1949 Reykjavik-) a.k.a. Bergliot Arnado'ttir, Bergljot Arnadottir, Bergljót Arnadottir, Bergliót Arnadóttir, Bergljot Arndottir or Bergljót Árnadóttir is a Swedish actor.

Cia Löwgren

Cia Löwgren (April 13, 1949 Solna Municipality-) otherwise known as Cia Løwgren or Ingrid Cecilia Maria Löwgren is a Swedish actor.

Birgit Carlstén

Birgit Carlstén (December 8, 1949 Huskvarna-) a.k.a. Birgit Carlsten is a Swedish actor.

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