Swedish actresses who were born in 1950

Here are 9 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1950:

Susan Taslimi

Susan Taslimi (February 7, 1950 Rasht-) also known as Soosan Taslimi is a Swedish film director, screenwriter, actor, theatre director and television director. She has one child, Tooka Farhang.

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Agneta Eckemyr

Agneta Eckemyr (July 2, 1950 Karlsborg-) a.k.a. Agneta Marie-Anne Eckemyr is a Swedish model, actor and fashion designer.

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Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Fältskog (April 5, 1950 Jönköping-) a.k.a. Agneta Fältskog, Agnetha Faltskog, Agnetha Faeltskog, Agnetha Falskog, Agnetha Åse Fältskog, agnetha_faltskog, Agnetha Ase F?ltskog, Fältskog, Agnetha, Åse Agneta Fältskog, Agnetha Fältskog Ulvaeus, Agnetha or Anna is a Swedish singer, record producer, composer, songwriter, actor and musician. She has two children, Linda Ulvaeus and Peter Christian Ulvaeus.

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Christina Lindberg

Christina Lindberg (December 6, 1950 Gothenburg-) also known as Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg, Cristina Lindberg, Kristina Lindberg, Kurisuchina Rindobaagu or Kurisuchina Rindobâgu is a Swedish journalist, actor and model.

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Marie Liljedahl

Marie Liljedahl (February 15, 1950 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor and dancer.

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Ewa Aulin

Ewa Aulin (February 13, 1950 Landskrona-) otherwise known as Ewa Brigitta Aulin is a Swedish actor and teacher. She has one child, Shawn Loyola.

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Eva Remaeus

Eva Remaeus (February 13, 1950 Lund-January 29, 1993 Drottningholm) a.k.a. Remaeus, Eva was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Jovanna Remaeus Jönson.

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Kristina Wayborn

Kristina Wayborn (September 24, 1950 Nybro-) also known as Britt-Inger Johansson or Kristine Wayborn is a Swedish actor.

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Monica Forsberg

Monica Forsberg (September 14, 1950 Karlskoga-) also known as Monica Yvonne Forsberg is a Swedish singer, songwriter, actor, composer and lyricist.

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