Swedish actresses who were born in 1961

Here are 10 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1961:

Cecilia Ljung

Cecilia Ljung (April 4, 1961 Uddevalla-) otherwise known as Ylva Cecilia Larsdotter Ljung is a Swedish actor.

Marianne Scheja

Marianne Scheja (May 1, 1961 Falkenberg-) also known as Ulla Marianne Brinkendal, Ulla Marianne Scheja or Marianne Brinkendahl is a Swedish actor, model and screenwriter. Her children are called Rebecca Scheja and Leonard Scheja.

Anna Azcárate

Anna Azcárate (March 24, 1961 Eskilstuna-) also known as Anna Azcarate Mecoleta or Anna Azcarate is a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter.

Fanny Gjörup

Fanny Gjörup (October 16, 1961 Örnäset-April 15, 2001 Rutvik) also known as Fanny Louise Gjörup was a Swedish actor.

Anette Sevreus

Anette Sevreus (November 27, 1961 Örgryte-) a.k.a. Eva Anette Sevreus or Anette Sevréus is a Swedish actor and singer.

Anna Nyman

Anna Nyman (August 1, 1961 Löderup-) is a Swedish voice director and actor.

Rossana Mariano

Rossana Mariano (November 15, 1961 Stockholm-) also known as Maria Rossana Mariano is a Swedish actor and model.

Marina Lindahl

Marina Lindahl (February 10, 1961 Örebro-) is a Swedish actor.

Karin Fahlén

Karin Fahlén (November 20, 1961 Sundbyberg Municipality-) also known as Karin Fahlén Lee is a Swedish actor, makeup artist, film director and screenwriter.

Lolo Elwin

Lolo Elwin (August 5, 1961-) is a Swedish actor, singer and comedian.

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