Swedish actresses who were born in 1964

Here are 11 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1964:

Amanda Ooms

Amanda Ooms (September 5, 1964 Kalmar-) also known as Amanda Franciska Ooms is a Swedish novelist, actor, painter and writer. Her children are called Tula Engström and Mischa Engström.

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Camilla Henemark

Camilla Henemark (October 23, 1964 Stockholm-) also known as La Camilla, Camilla, La, Barbie or Camilla Maria Henemark is a Swedish singer, actor and fashion model.

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Helena Bergström

Helena Bergström (February 5, 1964 Kortedala-) also known as Helena Bergstrom or Helena Kristina Bergström is a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter. She has two children, Molly Nutley and Tim Nutley.

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Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry (March 10, 1964 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Nenah Cherry, Naneh Cherry, Cherry, Neneh or Neneh Mariann Karlsson is a Swedish singer, disc jockey, singer-songwriter, rapper, actor and broadcaster. She has three children, Naima Smith, Tyson McVey and Mabel McVey.

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Tintin Anderzon

Tintin Anderzon (April 29, 1964 Järfälla Municipality-) a.k.a. Anna Katarina Anderzon, Anna Catharina Andersson, Anna Catharina Tintin Anderzon, Anna "Tintin" Catharina Anderzon or Tin-Tin Anderzon is a Swedish actor.

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Ewa Laurance

Ewa Laurance (February 26, 1964 Gävle-) also known as Ewa Svensson, Ewa Mataya, Ewa Swenson, Striking Viking or Ewa Mataya Laurance is a Swedish actor and pool player. She has one child, Nikki Mataya.

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Malin Gjörup

Malin Gjörup (April 28, 1964 Luleå-) also known as Malin Gjörup Zetterström, Musse or Eva Malin Maria Gjoerup is a Swedish actor and opera singer.

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Angela Kovacs

Angela Kovacs (May 23, 1964 Uppsala-) a.k.a. Angela Kovács or Angela Anna Margareta Kovács is a Swedish actor. Her children are called and Jonathan Modin.

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Kayo Shekoni

Kayo Shekoni (April 17, 1964 Järfälla Municipality-) otherwise known as Kayode Maria Soderberg Shekoni, Kayode Maria Söderberg Shekoni, Kayode Shekoni or Kayo is a Swedish singer and actor.

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Annica Smedius

Annica Smedius (April 15, 1964 Uddevalla-) also known as Karin Annika Smedius or Karin Annica Smedius is a Swedish actor, voice actor and singer. Her children are called Emil Smedius and Matilda Smedius.

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Ebba Forsberg

Ebba Forsberg (July 31, 1964 Stockholm-) also known as Forsberg, Ebba or Ebba Maria Knigge Forsberg is a Swedish singer and actor.

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