Swedish actresses who were born in 1984

Here are 8 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1984:

Emily Foxler

Emily Foxler (August 3, 1984 Uppsala-) also known as Emily Malou Fuxler or Emily Baldoni is a Swedish actor.

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Helena Mattsson

Helena Mattsson (March 30, 1984 Stockholm-) also known as Helena Christina Mattsson or Helena Mattson is a Swedish actor.

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Dominica Westling

Dominica Westling (October 2, 1984 Uppsala-) is a Swedish actor.

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Alexandra Dahlström

Alexandra Dahlström (February 12, 1984 Gävle-) a.k.a. Alexandra Dahlstrom, Alexandra Kashna Dahlström, Lena Marina Alexandra Dahlström or Alexandra Dahlsrtom is a Swedish actor, film director, screenwriter and disc jockey.

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Nadine Kirschon

Nadine Kirschon (March 19, 1984 Stockholm-) also known as Nadine Madeleine Martina Kirschon is a Swedish actor.

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Emma Åberg

Emma Åberg (November 8, 1984 Sweden-) a.k.a. Emma T. Åberg, Emma Tomasdotter Åberg or Emma Karin Tomasdotter Åberg is a Swedish actor, film producer, documentary filmmaker and screenwriter.

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Maryam Zakaria

Maryam Zakaria (September 27, 1984 Tehran-) also known as Mariyam Zakariya is a Swedish model, actor and choreographer.

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Edda Magnason

Edda Magnason (August 22, 1984 Ystad-) also known as Edda Karin Hjartardóttir Magnason is a Swedish pianist, singer-songwriter, singer, record producer, actor, composer and musician.

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