Swedish movie stars died in Alzheimer's disease

Here are 2 famous actresses from Sweden died in Alzheimer's disease:

Alice Babs

Alice Babs (January 26, 1924 Kalmar-February 11, 2014 Stockholm) a.k.a. Alice Hildur Nilson, Alice Hildur Sjöblom, Alice Babs Nilsson, Alice Babs Sjöblom, Alice 'Babs' Nilson, Alice 'Babs' Nilsson or Hildur Alice Nilsson was a Swedish singer and actor. Her children are called Lasse Sjöblom, Titti Sjöblom and Lilleba Largerbäck.

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Eva Dahlbeck

Eva Dahlbeck (March 8, 1920 Saltsjö-Duvnäs-February 8, 2008 Hässelby Villastad) was a Swedish actor and writer. Her children are called Tomas Lampell and David Lampell.

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