Swedish musicians who were born in 1933

Here are 5 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1933:

Ulf Björlin

Ulf Björlin (May 21, 1933 Stockholm-October 23, 1993 Palm Beach) also known as Ulf Bjorlin or Mats Ulf Stefan Björlin was a Swedish composer and conductor. He had four children, Nadia Bjorlin, Ulf Bjorlin, Fredrik Björlin and Henrik Björlin.

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Birgitta Andersson

Birgitta Andersson (April 20, 1933 Mariestad-) also known as Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson Bye, Birgitta Andersson Bye or Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson is a Swedish actor, voice actor and comedian. She has two children, Hanna Zetterström and Matti Bye.

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Per Myrberg

Per Myrberg (July 11, 1933 Stockholm-) also known as Per Nils Myrberg or Per is a Swedish actor and singer. His children are called Fredrik Myrberg, Olle Myrberg and Pia Myrberg.

His albums include Sommarnatt: Per Myrberg sjunger Taube and Trettifyran och andra Guldkorn.

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Rune Gustafsson

Rune Gustafsson (August 25, 1933 Gothenburg-June 15, 2012 Stockholm) a.k.a. Gustafsson, Rune, Rune Gustavsson or Gustavsson, Rune was a Swedish jazz musician, composer and film score composer.

His albums: Move, Rune Gustafsson, Trio and Sketches of Standards. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Arne Mellnäs

Arne Mellnäs (August 30, 1933 Stockholm-November 22, 2002) also known as Mellnäs, Arne or Arne Otto Birger Mellnäs was a Swedish composer.

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