Swedish musicians who were born in 1947

Here are 8 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1947:

Sven Melander

Sven Melander (October 30, 1947 Malmö Municipality-) a.k.a. Sven Alarik Melander or Melander, Sven is a Swedish journalist, screenwriter and actor. His children are Linnéa Melander, Christina Melander and Victor Melander.

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Peter Holm

Peter Holm (June 13, 1947 Sweden-) otherwise known as Holm, Peter or Peter Sjöholm is a Swedish singer, film producer, actor and television producer.

Discography: .

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Loa Falkman

Loa Falkman (July 24, 1947 Danderyd Municipality-) a.k.a. Carl-Johan Falkman, Falkman or Carl-Johan Loa Falkman is a Swedish opera singer and actor. He has two children, Jacob Falkman and Daniel Falkman.

Genres he performed include Opera.

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Björn Skifs

Björn Skifs (April 20, 1947 Vansbro-) a.k.a. Bjorn Skifs, Skifs, Björn or Björn Nils Olof Skifs is a Swedish singer, actor and screenwriter. He has two children, Oliver Skifs and Jonathan Skifs.

His albums include Back on Track, Decennier, sånger från en annan tid, Hooked on a Feeling, Härligt, Härligt, Ingen annan, Skifs Hits!, Björn Skifs, i2i, Eye To Eye and 50/50. His related genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Doris (July 1, 1947 Gothenburg-) a.k.a. Doris Svensson is a Swedish singer.

Her most well known albums: Did You Give the World Some Love Today, Baby and . Her related genres: Funk, Pop music, Soul music and Psychedelic music.

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Tommy Blom

Tommy Blom (March 3, 1947 Gothenburg-May 25, 2014 Stockholm) also known as Tommy Albert Blom or Blom, Tommy was a Swedish actor, singer and presenter.

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Chatarina Larsson

Chatarina Larsson (April 2, 1947 Stockholm-) also known as Ingrid Chatarina Larsson is a Swedish actor.

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Pale Olofsson

Pale Olofsson (January 8, 1947 Stockholm-) also known as Paul Lennart Olofsson or Paul Olofsson is a Swedish actor, musician and artist.

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