Swedish musicians who were born in 1951

Here are 10 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1951:

Stellan Skarsgård

Stellan Skarsgård (June 13, 1951 Gothenburg-) also known as Stellan John Skarsgard, Skarzie, Stellan Skarsgard, John Stellan Skarsgård, Stellan Skaarsgård or Stellan John Skarsgård is a Swedish actor, voice actor and film producer. He has eight children, Valter Skarsgård, Sam Skarsgård, Bill Skarsgård, Alexander Skarsgård, Gustaf Skarsgård, Ossian Skarsgård, Eija Skarsgård and Kolbjörn Skarsgård.

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Mikael Samuelson

Mikael Samuelson (March 9, 1951-) a.k.a. Mikael Samuelsson or Samuelson, Mikael is a Swedish singer.

His albums include Barfota, Fridas Bok and Mikael Samuelson sjunger Fredmans Epistlar.

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Roger Pontare

Roger Pontare (October 17, 1951 Sweden-) a.k.a. Roger Pontare (Sweden), Fred Roger Pontare or Pontare, Roger is a Swedish , . He has two children, Vincent and Viktor Pontare.

Discography: I Vargens Spår, Den stora friheten, Från stjärnorna till silverland, and . His related genres: Schlager music and Folk rock.

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Plura Jonsson

Plura Jonsson (August 10, 1951 Norrköping-) also known as Plura, Per Malte Lennart Jonsson or Jonsson, Plura is a Swedish , . He has four children, Sebastian Jonsson, Axel Jonsson, Nils Jonsson and Lisa Jonsson.

His most well known albums: Plura. Genres he performed: Progg and Rock music.

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Bruno K. Öijer

Bruno K. Öijer (November 26, 1951 Sweden-) a.k.a. Bruno K. Oijer, Bruno K Öijer or Bruno K Oijer is a Swedish poet.

His most recognized albums: Skugga kommer.

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Freddie Wadling

Freddie Wadling (August 2, 1951 Gothenburg-) also known as Wadling, Freddie is a Swedish singer.

His albums include The Dice Man, A Soft-hearted Killer Collection, En skiva till kaffet, Jag är monstret, Skillingtryck och mordballader, Something Wicked This Way Comes, , and With a License to Kill. Genres: Rock music and Punk rock.

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Ulla Skoog

Ulla Skoog (February 23, 1951 Sävedalen-) otherwise known as Skoog, Ulla or Ulla Marie Skoog is a Swedish actor, comedian and screenwriter.

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Håkan Rydin

Håkan Rydin (January 4, 1951 Gislaved-) is a Swedish jazz pianist, songwriter and music arranger.

His discography includes: A Splendored Thing, Tender Silhouette and A Beautiful Friendship. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Dror Feiler

Dror Feiler (August 31, 1951 Tel Aviv-) also known as Feiler, Dror is a Swedish artist and musician.

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Kerstin Granlund

Kerstin Granlund (June 17, 1951 Främmestad-) also known as Galenskaparna or Kerstin Marianne Granlund Wedin is a Swedish singer, actor and comedian.

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