Swedish musicians who were born in 1962

Here are 15 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1962:

Fredrik Sixten

Fredrik Sixten (October 21, 1962 Sweden-) also known as Sixten, Fredrik is a Swedish conductor.

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Jörgen Elofsson

Jörgen Elofsson (January 14, 1962 Ängelholm-) a.k.a. Jorgen Elofsson, J. Elofsson or Elofsson, Jörgen is a Swedish songwriter.

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Robert Wells

Robert Wells (April 7, 1962 Stockholm-) also known as Wells, Robert, Rhapsody In Rock or Robert Henry Arthur Wells is a Swedish pianist, composer and singer.

His albums include Jingle Wells, Rhapsody in Rock: Complete, Rhapsody in Rock: The Complete Collection, Rhapsody in Rock, Rhapsody In Rock (part two), Rhapsody In Rock: Completely Live!, Rhapsody in Rock: World.Wide.Wells, Rhapsody in Rock: The Best of Rhapsody and .

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Max Lorentz

Max Lorentz (November 16, 1962-) is a Swedish , .

His albums include Kiss You in the Rain – Max Lorentz sings David Bowie.

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Nanne Grönvall

Nanne Grönvall (May 18, 1962 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Nanne Gronvall, Nanne or Grönvall, Nanne is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She has three children, Robin Grönvall, Charlie Grönvall and Felix Grönvall.

Her discography includes: En rastlös själ, Alla mina ansikten, Jag måste kyssa dig, Cirkus Homo Sapiens, Alltid på väg, Avundsjuk, 20 år med Nanne and My Rock Favourites. Genres: Pop music and Schlager music.

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Christian Falk

Christian Falk (April 25, 1962-July 24, 2014) also known as Falk, Christian was a Swedish , .

His albums: People Say, Quel Bordel, Dream On and Make It Right.

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Anders Johansson

Anders Johansson (May 25, 1962 Gothenburg-) a.k.a. Johansson, Anders is a Swedish drummer.

His most recognized albums: Heavy Machinery.

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Niklas Hjulström

Niklas Hjulström (February 15, 1962 Mölndal-) a.k.a. Niklas Hjulstrom is a Swedish actor, film director and singer. His children are Jacob Hjulström, Petter Hjulström and Noah Hjulström.

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Gunnar Mathias Michaeli

Gunnar Mathias Michaeli (November 11, 1962 Upplands Väsby-) a.k.a. Mic Michaeli, Michael Michaeli, Michaeli, Mic, Mic or Gunnar Mathias Michaeli is a Swedish organist and keyboard player. He has three children, Marcus Michaeli, Moa Michaeli and Matilda Michaeli.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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Jan Ohlsson

Jan Ohlsson (June 3, 1962 Uppsala-) otherwise known as Janne, Jan Torsten Olsson or Ohlsson, Jan is a Swedish actor.

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Charlott Strandberg

Charlott Strandberg (September 20, 1962 Täby-) a.k.a. Charlotte Strandberg or Charlott Strandberg is a Swedish singer and actor.

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Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy (October 11, 1962 Pelkosenniemi-) otherwise known as McCoy, Andy or Antti Hulkko is a Swedish musician, guitarist, songwriter, singer-songwriter, actor and record producer.

Discography: Aspects of Andy McCoy, Building On Tradition, Too Much Ain't Enough, The Real McCoy – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and R'n'R Memorabilia – The Best Solo Tracks So Far!. Genres: Gothic metal, Glam punk, Glam metal, Garage rock, Hard rock, Rhythm and blues, Punk rock, Blues, Glam rock, Blues rock and Rock and roll.

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Pelle Ossler

Pelle Ossler (November 18, 1962 Bjuv-) also known as Ossler or Ossler, Pelle is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

His albums: Desorienterad, Den siste som kom ut, Hotel Neanderthal, Vadå? Jag mår bra, Krank, and . Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Industrial music and Rock music.

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Lasse Kronér

Lasse Kronér (November 15, 1962 Gothenburg-) also known as Lasse Kroner, Kronér, Lasse, Triple & Touch, Lars Ove Kronér or Lars Ove "Lasse" Kronér is a Swedish presenter, musician and actor. He has two children, Mathilda Kronér and Amalia Kronér.

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Anders Allhage

Anders Allhage (November 29, 1962 Gothenburg-) also known as Andy LaRocque, Andy La Rocque or LaRocque, Andy is a Swedish musician, songwriter, record producer and guitarist.

Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Death metal, Thrash metal, Black metal and Neoclassical metal.

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