Swedish musicians who were born in 1965

Here are 12 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1965:

Petra Nielsen

Petra Nielsen (February 1, 1965 Stockholm-) also known as Petra Magdalena Inczédy-Gombos or Petra Magdalena Nielsen is a Swedish actor and singer.

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Måns Herngren

Måns Herngren (April 20, 1965 Stockholm-) also known as Måns Härngren or Härngren, Måns is a Swedish film director, actor, television director and screenwriter. He has two children, Noa Månfare Herngren and Saga Herngren.

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Niclas Wahlgren

Niclas Wahlgren (July 8, 1965 Gustavsberg, Värmdö Municipality-) also known as Niclas Hans Ivar Wahlgren or Nicke is a Swedish singer, actor, artist, presenter and musician. His children are Tim Hans Adam Wahlgren and Kit Wahlgren.

Discography: Modiga dårar and .

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Towe Jaarnek

Towe Jaarnek (June 13, 1965-) a.k.a. Tove Jaarnek or Jaarnek, Towe is a Swedish singer.

Genres related to her: Schlager music.

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Joakim Sundström

Joakim Sundström (February 27, 1965 Gävle-) also known as Joakim Sundstrom is a Swedish musician, sound designer and sound editor. His children are called Ruben Sundström and Tova Sundström.

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E-Type (August 27, 1965 Uppsala-) also known as Martin Eriksson, Bo Martin Erik Eriksson or Bosse Martin Erik Eriksson is a Swedish , .

His albums include Set the World on Fire, Eurotopia, True Believer, Here I Go Again, Back in the Loop, Angels Crying, Greatest Hits, Last Man Standing, Free Like a Flying Demon and This Is The Way: The Remixes. Genres he performed: Eurodance.

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Irma Schultz

Irma Schultz (October 1, 1965 Stockholm-) also known as Irma, Irma Schultz Keller or Irma Schultz-Keller is a Swedish actor and musician.

Her albums include Då staden har vaknat, Imma på glas, Irma, Tröst för stygga barn and Sånger För December.

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Lena Wisborg

Lena Wisborg (September 24, 1965 Huddinge Municipality-) also known as Lena Elisabet Wisborg, Lena Elisabet Wisborg Candinger or Lina Wisborg is a Swedish actor.

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Magnus Bäcklund

Magnus Bäcklund (November 16, 1965 Kristinehamn-) also known as Magnus Backlund or Bäcklund, Magnus is a Swedish singer.

His related genres: Pop music.

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Dr. Nobody

Dr. Nobody (April 30, 1965 Gothenburg-) also known as Huhta, Jean-Louis, Nobody, Dr., Jean-Louis Huhta or Jean-Louis Huhta Patrik is a Swedish composer and musician.

His albums include Halfway Between the World and Death and The Big Bang Theory.

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Louise Hoffsten

Louise Hoffsten (September 6, 1965 Linköping-) otherwise known as Hoffsten, Louise is a Swedish singer. She has one child, Adrian Bratt.

Her albums include Genom Eld och Vatten, Stygg, Yeah Yeah, Message of Love, Rhythm & Blonde, 6, Kära Du, Blues, Beautiful, but Why? and Collection 1991-2002. Genres related to her: Blues and Rock music.

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Richard Carlsohn

Richard Carlsohn (January 29, 1965-) also known as Carlsohn, Richard is a Swedish singer.

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