Swedish musicians who were born in 1975

Here are 34 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1975:

Magdalena Graaf

Magdalena Graaf (September 2, 1975 Gothenburg-) a.k.a. Engla Maria Magdalena Graaf is a Swedish writer, author, singer and model. Her children are Isak Graaf, Lancelot Hedman, Tristan Hedman and Charlie Fabian Larsson.

Her albums include Graaf Sisters.

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Jessica Folcker

Jessica Folcker (July 9, 1975 Täby-) also known as Jessica, Jessica Filker, Jessica Folker, Jessica Elisabeth Angelique Folcker, Folcker, Jessica or Jessica Follker is a Swedish singer. She has four children, Otis Heckscher, India Heckscher, Antonio Buzzuro and Carla Buzzurro.

Her albums: Jessica, Dino, How Will I Know (Who You Are), Tell Me What You Like, På svenska, To Be Able to Love, Skin Close and Around the World. Genres she performed include Soul music, Rhythm and blues and Pop music.

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Björn Gelotte

Björn Gelotte (August 27, 1975 Gothenburg-) also known as Bjorn Gelotte, Gelotte, Björn or Björn Ingvar Gelotte is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed include Melodic death metal, Drum and bass and Alternative metal.

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Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson (October 20, 1975 Blekinge-) otherwise known as Wilson, Jenny is a Swedish singer, film director, screenwriter, actor, film editor and film score composer.

Her discography includes: Hardships!, Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward, Love and Youth, Summer Time - The Roughest Time and Demand the Impossible!.

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Lisa Miskovsky

Lisa Miskovsky (March 9, 1975 Holmsund-) a.k.a. Miskovsky, Lisa is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She has two children, Elsa Sommer and El­vi­ra Sommer.

Her albums include Lisa Miskovsky, Changes, Fallingwater, Still Alive (The Theme From Mirror's Edge): The Remixes, Lady Stardust, Last Year's Songs - Greatest Hits, Still Alive (The Theme From Mirror's Edge): The Remixes, Mary, Violent Sky and Got a Friend. Her related genres: Pop rock, Pop music, Indie pop, Dream pop and Country pop.

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Markoolio (January 1, 1975 Lahti-) also known as Marko Kristian Lehtosalo, Marko Lehtosalo, Marko 'Markoolio' Lehtosalo or Marko Lethosalo is a Swedish singer and actor. His children are Moa Lehtosalo and Melker Lehtosalo.

Discography: Sticker hårt, Dikter från ett hjärta, Dikter från ett hjärta (Turnéupplaga), Tjock och lycklig, I skuggan av mig själv, Sommar och sol, Värsta plattan, Vi drar till fjällen, Åka pendeltåg and Emma, Emma. Genres: Pop music, Hip hop music and Comedy hip hop.

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Lars Winnerbäck

Lars Winnerbäck (October 19, 1975 Stockholm-) also known as Lars Winnerback is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician.

His albums include 3486 ord från..., Du och jag och en liten kille jag känner, Och mina damer och herrar, Dans med svåra steg, Rusningstrafik, Risajkling, Kom, Solen i ögonen, Söndag 13.3.99 and I Stockholm. His related genres: Pop music, Rock music, Folk music and Acoustic music.

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Emma Härdelin

Emma Härdelin (September 26, 1975-) also known as Emma Hardelin or Härdelin, Emma is a Swedish singer.

Her albums include and Kärleksbrev och ryska satelliter: Visor i Hälsingland. Genres she performed include Folk rock and Folk music.

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David Isberg

David Isberg (February 23, 1975-) also known as Isberg, David is a Swedish guitarist and musician.

Genres he performed: Progressive rock, Doom metal, Death metal, Hard rock and Progressive metal.

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Johan Langell

Johan Langell (May 16, 1975-) a.k.a. Langell, Johan is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

Genres: Progressive rock and Progressive metal.

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Anders Nyström

Anders Nyström (April 22, 1975 Brännkyrka-) also known as Anders Nystrom, Blakkheim or Nyström, Anders is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

Genres: Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Doom metal, Death metal, Black metal, Avant-garde metal, Gothic rock and Thrash metal.

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Bosson (February 21, 1975 Sweden-) is a Swedish singer, singer-songwriter and songwriter.

Discography: One in a Million, Rockstar, One in a Million, Future's Gone Tomorrow / Life's Here Today, The Right Time, I Believe and The Best. His related genres: Pop music and Dance-pop.

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Hanna Hedlund

Hanna Hedlund (January 24, 1975 Kilafors-) also known as Hanna is a Swedish singer. She has three children, Saga Eva-Li Stenmarck, Ida Hedlund and Love Hedlund.

Discography: Anropar försvunnen, Det är jag som är mamman, I Min Rosa Ballong and Big time party. Genres related to her: Pop music.

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Johan Hallgren

Johan Hallgren (April 13, 1975-) otherwise known as Hallgren, Johan is a Swedish songwriter, musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Death metal, Progressive rock and Progressive metal.

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Anders Göthberg

Anders Göthberg (October 9, 1975-March 30, 2008) a.k.a. Anders Gothberg or Göthberg, Anders was a Swedish , .

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Robert Pehrsson

Robert Pehrsson (December 13, 1975-) also known as Pehrsson, Robert is a Swedish songwriter, musician and web design.

His albums: . Genres he performed include Hard rock, Power pop, Death metal, Garage rock and Heavy metal.

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Timbuktu (January 11, 1975 Lund-) also known as Jason Diakite, Jason Michael Robinson Diakité, Urban Schmutz, Urban Smuts, Timbuk, Jason Diakité or Jason Diakaté is a Swedish songwriter, singer, rapper and actor.

His albums: Karmakontot, Oberoendeframkallande, Naked Lunch 12'', Det löser sej, Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö, Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö, Live!, Dynamit!, The botten is nådd and The Botten Is Nådd. Genres: Reggae and Hip hop music.

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Peter Iwers

Peter Iwers (May 15, 1975 Stockholm-) also known as Iwers, Peter is a Swedish musician.

Genres related to him: Melodic death metal.

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Fredrik Andersson

Fredrik Andersson (June 30, 1975 Stockholm-) also known as Andersson, Fredrik is a Swedish drummer and musician.

Genres: Viking metal and Melodic death metal.

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Karin Dreijer Andersson

Karin Dreijer Andersson (April 7, 1975 Nacka-) also known as Karin Dreijer, Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson, Dreijer, Karin, Fever Ray or Karin Elisabeth Dreijer is a Swedish singer, singer-songwriter and record producer.

Her albums include Fever Ray, Seven, If I Had a Heart, Mercy Street, Stranger Than Kindness / Here Before, Triangle Walks / Seven, , When I Grow Up and Triangle Walks. Genres she performed: Alternative rock, Electronica, Electronic dance music, Synthpop, Ambient music, Electronic music, Experimental music, Trip hop, Trance music, Psybient and Dark ambient.

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Erik Ohlsson

Erik Ohlsson (July 2, 1975 Örebro-) also known as Ohlsson, Erik is a Swedish guitarist, webmaster, graphic designer and singer.

Genres he performed include Punk rock.

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Anders Wendin

Anders Wendin (March 16, 1975 Ludvika-) also known as Moneybrother or Moneybrothers is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: Mount Pleasure, Thunder in My Heart EP, To Die Alone, They're Building Walls Around Us, It's Been Hurting All the Way With You, Joanna, Stormy Weather, Blood Panic, Reconsider Me, Pengabrorsan and Real Control. Genres related to him: Rock music, Reggae and Soul music.

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Marit Bergman

Marit Bergman (May 21, 1975 Rättvik-) also known as Liv-Marit Bergman or Bergman, Marit is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

Her discography includes: Adios Amigos, I Think It's a Rainbow, Baby Dry Your Eye, I Will Always Be Your Soldier, From Now On, 3.00 A.M. Serenades, This Is the Year, Can I Keep Him? EP, Eyes Were Blue and It Would Have Been Good. Genres: Pop music.

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Velvet (November 5, 1975 Helsingborg-) also known as Jenny Pettersson is a Swedish singer.

Her albums include The Queen, Finally, Fix Me, Chemistry, Déjà Vu, Mi Amore, Take My Body Close and Don't Stop Movin'. Genres related to her: Pop music and Dance music.

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Sophie Rimheden

Sophie Rimheden (March 24, 1975 Lund-) also known as Sofie Rimheden, Rimheden, Sophie or Hayce is a Swedish singer.

Her albums: Hi-Fi, Wanting / Hold Me, H2-Fi: Hi-Fi Remixes, Into Night EP, Sophie Rimheden, Miss, Traveller, Shout, Främling and Underneath the Floor. Genres she performed include Pop music, Electronica, Dance music, Electronic dance music and Experimental music.

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RamPac (December 17, 1975-) is a Swedish , .

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Marie Lindberg

Marie Lindberg (May 3, 1975 Sweden-) otherwise known as Lindberg, Marie is a Swedish singer and teacher.

Her albums include Trying to Recall. Genres related to her: Ballad and Soul music.

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Sofia Karlsson

Sofia Karlsson (March 25, 1975 Stockholm-) also known as Karlsson, Sofia is a Swedish singer.

Her albums include Folk Songs, Svarta ballader, Visor från vinden, Söder om Kärleken, , , and .

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DJ Méndez

DJ Méndez (March 26, 1975 Valparaíso-) a.k.a. Mendez, DJ Mendez, Méndez, DJ, Leopoldo Méndez Alcayaga or Leopoldo Jorge Méndez Alcayaga is a Swedish disc jockey, record producer, singer-songwriter and singer.

His albums include Perro Perseverante, La Máquina, Latino for Life, Mendez and 210. Genres: Pop music, Urban contemporary, Hip hop music and Rap music.

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Rami Yacoub

Rami Yacoub (January 17, 1975 Sweden-) also known as Rami is a Swedish songwriter and record producer.

Genres he performed: Pop music, Europop, Pop rock, Dance-pop, Rock music and Contemporary R&B.

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Douglas Leon

Douglas Leon (July 24, 1975 Alby, Botkyrka-) also known as Dogge Doggelito, Idit Dogge Doggelito or Douglas Léon is a Swedish rapper, actor, author, orator and music artist. He has two children, Bianca Léon and Angelica Léon.

Genres he performed include Rap music.

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David Sandstrom

David Sandstrom (January 2, 1975 Teg, Umeå-) also known as David Sandström, David Sandstroem, Sandström, David or Dave Exit is a Swedish drummer, composer, musician and singer.

His albums: Faint Sounds of Shoveled Earth, Om Det Inte Händer Nåt Innan Imorgon Så Kommer Jag and The Dominant Need of the Needy Soul Is to Be Needed. Genres: Independent music, Post-hardcore, Hardcore punk, Punk rock and Indie rock.

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Gunhild Carling

Gunhild Carling (May 7, 1975-) also known as Carling, Gunhild is a Swedish musician and multi-instrumentalist.

Her albums include Smooth Kiss and Red Hot Jam.

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Jon Nödtveidt

Jon Nödtveidt (June 28, 1975 Strömstad-August 13, 2006 Stockholm) also known as Jon Nodtveidt or Nödtveidt, Jon was a Swedish singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Blackened death metal, Black metal, Melodic death metal, Melodic black metal, Grindcore, Doom metal and Death metal.

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