Swedish musicians who were born in 1978

Here are 27 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1978:

Hannah Graaf

Hannah Graaf (August 31, 1978 Gothenburg-) also known as Hannah Rakel Zerafia Graaf, Hannah Graaf Karyd, Hanna Rakel Serafia Graf or Hanna Rakel Serafia Graf Karyd is a Swedish singer and model. She has four children, William Graaf Carlsson, Mio Boudal, Liv Karyd and Vida Karyd.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Malin Åkerman

Malin Åkerman (May 12, 1978 Stockholm-) also known as Malin Maria Åkerman, Malin Ackerman, Malin Maria Åkerman or Malin Akerman is a Swedish model, actor, singer and television producer. She has one child, Sebastian Zincone.

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Anna Ternheim

Anna Ternheim (May 31, 1978 Stockholm-) also known as Ternheim, Anna is a Swedish singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Anna Ternheim, To Be Gone, Somebody Outside, Shoreline EP, My Secret, I'll Follow You Tonight, Lovers Dream & More Music for Psychotic Lovers, Separation Road, Leaving on a Mayday and Make It on My Own. Her related genres: Pop rock, Rock music, Pop music, Blues, Indie rock, Alternative rock, Anti-folk, Acoustic music and Country.

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Rasmus Fleischer

Rasmus Fleischer (April 19, 1978 Halmstad-) is a Swedish historian, musician and essayist.

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Christian Walz

Christian Walz (September 4, 1978 Stockholm-) also known as Chritian Walz, Walz, Christian, Christian Waltz or Waltz, Christian is a Swedish songwriter and music producer.

His most well known albums: Christian Walz, The Corner and Paint By Numbers.

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Daniel Lindström

Daniel Lindström (January 30, 1978-) also known as Daniel Lindstrom or Lindström, Daniel is a Swedish singer.

His discography includes: Nån slags verklighet and Daniel Lindström. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Cornelia Dahlgren

Cornelia Dahlgren (February 14, 1978 Sweden-) is a Swedish singer.

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Sofia Talvik

Sofia Talvik (November 24, 1978 Gothenburg-) also known as Sofia Talvik and the Tallboys, Talvik, Sofia or Sofia Talviks is a Swedish singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Street of Dreams, O - Part Two of L.O.V.E., Blue Moon, Florida, Florida Acoustic, Street of Dreamix, Jonestown, L - Part One of L.O.V.E., V – Part Three of L.O.V.E and The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Genres she performed include Pop music, Pop-folk and Folk rock.

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Kristoffer Gildenlöw

Kristoffer Gildenlöw (July 27, 1978 Eskilstuna-) also known as Kristoffer Gildenlow or Gildenlöw, Kristoffer is a Swedish songwriter, record producer and musician.

His albums: . Genres: Progressive rock and Progressive metal.

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Tess Mattisson

Tess Mattisson (February 13, 1978 Solna Municipality-) otherwise known as Tess is a Swedish singer.

Her discography includes: One Love to Justify, Justify My Love and Quiero ser yo. Genres she performed: Dance music and Pop music.

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Dr. Matt Destruction

Dr. Matt Destruction (March 18, 1978 Fagersta-) also known as Mattias Bernwall is a Swedish musician, songwriter and bassist.

Genres he performed: Garage rock, Alternative rock and Garage punk.

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Cajsalisa Ejemyr

Cajsalisa Ejemyr (November 7, 1978 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Cajsa Lisa Ejemyr, Cajsa Lisa, Cajsalisa, Ejemyr, Cajsalisa, Kajsa Ejemyr or Caisa Lisa Ejemyr is a Swedish singer and actor.

Discography: Först nu, Du ger mig (allt jag vill ha), Vad jag vill och lite till and Either Way.

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Lina Hedlund

Lina Hedlund (March 28, 1978 Kilafors-) a.k.a. Lina Maria Hedlund is a Swedish actor and singer. She has one child, Tilo Al Fakir.

Her discography includes: Big time party, Lady Bump and Nothing Can Stop Me. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Helena Josefsson

Helena Josefsson (March 23, 1978 Kalmar-) otherwise known as Josefsson, Helena is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

Her albums include Dynamo, By Your Side and Kyss Mej.

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Pelle Almqvist

Pelle Almqvist (May 29, 1978 Fagersta-) also known as Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, Almqvist, Pelle or Per Almqvist is a Swedish singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres: Punk rock, Rock music, Indie rock, Garage rock and Garage punk.

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Martin Lopez

Martin Lopez (May 20, 1978 Stockholm-) also known as Lopez, Martin is a Swedish drummer and musician.

Genres: Death metal, Progressive rock, Progressive metal and Technical death metal.

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Andreas Öberg

Andreas Öberg (August 6, 1978 Stockholm-) also known as Andreas Oberg is a Swedish songwriter and guitarist.

His albums include My Favorite Guitars, Solo, Six String Evolution, Hot Club de Finlande avec Andreas Öberg & Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola, Young Jazz Guitarist and Andreas Öberg Invites Yorgui Loeffler & Ritary Gaguenetti. Genres related to him: Electronic dance music, Soul music, Jazz and Pop music.

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Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger (November 13, 1978 Sweden-) also known as Martin Stääf or Stääf, Martin is a Swedish disc jockey, songwriter, musician and record producer.

Discography: Dead or Alive, Subsonic Soil EP, The Invisible Conquest, The Private Riot, The Intergalactic Slapstick, Mechanoid Meltdown, Cryogenic Encounters, Get to the Point / One, The Arcane Terrain and Monster EP. Genres he performed include Electronic music, Drum and bass, Ambient music, House music, Dubstep, Techno, Dub and Downtempo.

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Daniel Savio

Daniel Savio (April 6, 1978 Sweden-) a.k.a. Kool DJ Dust or Daniel Savio is a Swedish musician.

His albums include Echo Life / Back to the Future, Instrumental, The Bubble Bump / Yu ♥ Bibimbab and Dirty Bomb. His related genres: Intelligent dance music and Skweee.

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Chords (August 12, 1978-) a.k.a. Jens Resch or Jens Eric Resch Thomason is a Swedish , .

His discography includes: Wrap Your Chops, The Garden Around the Mansion, Chillin' (Like Matt Dillon), Idiot Savant, Things We Do for Things and Looped State of Mind. His related genres: Hip hop music, Alternative hip hop and Reggae fusion.

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Tingsek (December 19, 1978 Sweden-) a.k.a. Magnus Tingsek is a Swedish singer-songwriter.

Discography: Right This Way, World of Its Own, Tingsek and Too Many Feelings at the Same Time. Genres he performed include Soul music.

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Martin Svensson

Martin Svensson (March 11, 1978 Kalmar-) also known as Martin is a Swedish songwriter, musician and singer.

His albums: En helt vanlig Svensson, Fiskar som viskar, Jag vill inte motionera and . Genres: Rock music and Pop music.

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Michael Lindgren

Michael Lindgren (March 14, 1978 Stockholm-) a.k.a. DJ Trexx or Micke Lindgren is a Swedish actor, television director and screenwriter.

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Simon Gärdenfors

Simon Gärdenfors (March 23, 1978-) also known as Simon Gärdefors, Simon Gardenfors or Gärdenfors, Simon is a Swedish cartoonist.

His albums: .

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Masayah (May 17, 1978-) also known as Mugambwa Sseruwagi is a Swedish actor.

His albums include Masayah.

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Vigilante Carlstroem

Vigilante Carlstroem (October 30, 1978 Fagersta-) also known as Carlstroem, Vigilante, Mikael Karlsson Åström or Pig Champion Jr is a Swedish musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Garage rock, Alternative rock and Garage punk.

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Christian Grahn

Christian Grahn (June 12, 1978 Fagersta-) is a Swedish songwriter, musician and drummer.

Genres he performed include Garage rock, Alternative rock and Garage punk.

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