Swedish musicians who were born in 1985

Here are 12 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1985:

Natacha Peyre

Natacha Peyre (March 26, 1985 Ibiza-) also known as Natacha Peyre Requena is a Swedish model, singer and actor.

Her most recognized albums: TNT, Wicked and Get a Life.

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Jimmy Jansson

Jimmy Jansson (September 17, 1985 Sweden-) is a Swedish songwriter and singer.

His discography includes: Flickan från det blå, Som en blixt and . Genres he performed: Pop rock and Pop music.

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Sanne Karlsson

Sanne Karlsson (November 11, 1985-) a.k.a. Sanne Anna Sofie Karlsson is a Swedish , .

Genres she performed: Europop, Funk, Dance music, Pop rock, Pop music and Soul music.

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Emelie Norenberg

Emelie Norenberg (February 21, 1985 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Emelie Catharina Leontine Norenberg is a Swedish photographer, singer and designer.

Genres: Dance music and Pop music.

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Shellback (February 1, 1985 Karlshamn-) a.k.a. Karl Johan Schuster is a Swedish songwriter, musician and record producer.

Genres he performed: Pop music, Pop rock, Synthpop, Dance-pop and Electropop.

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Sebastian Karlsson

Sebastian Karlsson (January 2, 1985 Sweden-) a.k.a. Sebastian or Karlsson, Sebastian is a Swedish , .

His albums include Sebastian, The Most Beautiful Lie and The Vintage Virgin (LzY).

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Lazee (June 15, 1985 Malmö Municipality-) is a Swedish rapper.

His most well known albums: Same Thing Different. Genres he performed include Grime and Hardcore hip hop.

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Amanda (March 24, 1985 French Alps-) is a Swedish singer.

Her albums: Everybody Doesn't. Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Sean Banan

Sean Banan (April 7, 1985 Iran-) also known as Sean Samadi or Sina Samadi is a Swedish comedian, musician, dancer and choreographer.

Related albums: Skaka Rumpa, Puss Puss, Händer i luft, Copacabanana, Sean den förste Banan, Gott nytt Jul, Sean den förste Banan and Copabanana.

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Caroline Wennergren

Caroline Wennergren (September 21, 1985 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Swedish , .

Genres she performed: Pop music and Rock music.

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Rebecca Simonsson

Rebecca Simonsson (September 29, 1985 Borås-) also known as Rebecca Stella Simonsson is a Swedish model and dancer.

Her discography includes: Swag in a Bag and Give Me That O. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Motorisk Afasi

Motorisk Afasi (March 15, 1985 Uppsala-) also known as Afasi or Herbert Munkhammar is a Swedish music artist.

His albums include Snus, Porr & Brännvin. Genres he performed: Hip Hop and Hip hop music.

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