Swedish music stars who deceased at age 46

Here are 6 famous musicians from Sweden died at 46:

Micke Dubois

Micke Dubois (February 25, 1959 Solna Municipality-November 30, 2005 Huddinge Municipality) a.k.a. Mikael Mattias Dubois, Dubois, Micke, Mikael Dubois, Mats Mikael Dubois, Svullo or Mats Mikael "Micke" Dubois was a Swedish comedian and actor. His children are called Michelle Dubois, Kevin Dubois and Celine Dubois.

His most well known albums: Ride On..., För fet för ett omslag, Radio KRM and Öl-låten.

He died caused by suicide.

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Klas Ingesson

Klas Ingesson (August 20, 1968 Ödeshög-October 29, 2014) was a Swedish football player.

He died in cancer.

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Carina Moberg

Carina Moberg (April 17, 1966-August 15, 2012 Huddinge Municipality) was a Swedish politician and physiotherapist.

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Charles XV of Sweden

Charles XV of Sweden (May 3, 1826 Stockholm-September 18, 1872 Malmö Municipality) was a Swedish personality. He had two children, Prince Carl Oscar, Duke of Södermanland and Louise of Sweden.

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Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson

Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson (April 5, 1390 Västmanland-May 4, 1436 Hjälmaren) was a Swedish politician and rebel.

He died in assassination.

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Johan Oxenstierna

Johan Oxenstierna (June 24, 1611 Stockholm-December 5, 1657 Wismar) was a Swedish politician and statesman.

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