Swedish music stars who deceased at age 51

Here are 7 famous musicians from Sweden died at 51:

Svante Nilsson

Svante Nilsson (April 5, 1460-January 2, 1512) was a Swedish personality. He had one child, Sten Sture the Younger.

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Sonja Åkesson

Sonja Åkesson (April 19, 1926 Gotland-May 5, 1977) a.k.a. Sonja Akesson was a Swedish writer.

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Gustaf af Geijerstam

Gustaf af Geijerstam (January 5, 1858-March 6, 1909 Stockholm) was a Swedish writer and novelist.

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Jacob Niclas Ahlström

Jacob Niclas Ahlström (June 5, 1805 Visby-May 14, 1857 Stockholm) also known as Ahlström, Jacob Niclas was a Swedish personality.

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Arnold Sjöstrand

Arnold Sjöstrand (June 30, 1903 Sundbyberg Municipality-February 1, 1955 Malmö Municipality) was a Swedish actor and film director.

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John Jansson

John Jansson (July 18, 1892-October 10, 1943) was a Swedish personality.

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Eva Olliwier

Eva Olliwier (January 13, 1904-August 7, 1955) also known as Eva Ollivier was a Swedish personality.

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