Swedish music stars who deceased at age 55

Here are 11 famous musicians from Sweden died at 55:

Sixten Sason

Sixten Sason (March 12, 1912 Skövde-April 1, 1967) was a Swedish personality.

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Helena Dahlbäck

Helena Dahlbäck (April 5, 1960-April 5, 2015) was a Swedish writer.

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Carl August Ehrensvärd

Carl August Ehrensvärd (May 5, 1745 Stockholm-May 21, 1800 Örebro) was a Swedish writer and architect.

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Agne Holmström

Agne Holmström (December 29, 1893 Lund-October 22, 1949) also known as Agne Holmstrom was a Swedish personality.

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Gunnar Lindström

Gunnar Lindström (February 11, 1896 Eksjö-October 6, 1951 Eksjö) was a Swedish personality.

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Bertil Uggla

Bertil Uggla (August 19, 1890 Solna Municipality-September 29, 1945 Karlstad) was a Swedish personality.

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Erik Frisell

Erik Frisell (May 3, 1889-December 17, 1944) was a Swedish personality.

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Åke Söderblom

Åke Söderblom (January 20, 1910 Fritsla-May 22, 1965 Gothenburg) also known as Åke Fridolf Söderblom, Lill-Slam or Swift was a Swedish actor, screenwriter and songwriter. He had one child, Lena Söderblom.

He died as a result of heart failure.

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Sture Lagerwall

Sture Lagerwall (December 13, 1908 Stockholm-November 1, 1964 Limhamn) was a Swedish film director and actor.

He died in laryngeal cancer.

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Ernst Josephson

Ernst Josephson (April 16, 1851 Stockholm-November 22, 1906 Stockholm) a.k.a. Josephson, Ernst or Ernst Josephsson was a Swedish artist and visual artist.

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Christian I of Denmark

Christian I of Denmark (February 1, 1426 Oldenburg-May 21, 1481 Copenhagen Castle) was a Swedish personality. His children are Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scotland, Frederick I of Denmark and John, King of Denmark.

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