Swedish music stars who deceased at age 60

Here are 20 famous musicians from Sweden died at 60:

Pehr Victor Edman

Pehr Victor Edman (April 14, 1916 Stockholm-March 19, 1977 Munich) also known as Dr. Pehr Edman was a Swedish physician and chemist.

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Ulf Björlin

Ulf Björlin (May 21, 1933 Stockholm-October 23, 1993 Palm Beach) also known as Ulf Bjorlin or Mats Ulf Stefan Björlin was a Swedish composer and conductor. He had four children, Nadia Bjorlin, Ulf Bjorlin, Fredrik Björlin and Henrik Björlin.

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Gunnar Eriksson

Gunnar Eriksson (September 13, 1921 Mora Municipality, Sweden-July 8, 1982 Mora Municipality, Sweden) was a Swedish personality.

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Tommy Limby

Tommy Limby (September 5, 1947-January 14, 2008 Orsa) was a Swedish personality.

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Sören Sjösten

Sören Sjösten (December 12, 1938 Krylbo-April 5, 1999) was a Swedish personality.

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Axel-Erik Gyllenstolpe

Axel-Erik Gyllenstolpe (April 18, 1894-July 19, 1954) was a Swedish personality.

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Anders Krigsman

Anders Krigsman (October 25, 1886-March 5, 1947) was a Swedish personality.

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Johan August Gripenstedt

Johan August Gripenstedt (August 11, 1813 Holstein-July 13, 1874 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality.

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Erik Ohlson

Erik Ohlson (July 19, 1873 Sweden-March 20, 1934) was a Swedish personality.

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Eric Levin

Eric Levin (November 30, 1899 Gothenburg-October 19, 1960 New York City) was a Swedish personality.

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Lars Hollmer

Lars Hollmer (July 21, 1948-December 25, 2008) a.k.a. Lars Gustav Gabriel Hollmer, Hollmer, Lars or Holmer, Lars was a Swedish accordionist, keyboard player and composer.

Related albums: XII Sibiriska Cyklar & Vill Du Höra Mer, Looping Home Orchestra Live 92-93, Andetag, Tonöga / Från natt idag / Vendeltid, Utsikter, Viandra, Vandelmässa, The Siberian Circus, and . Genres he performed: Progressive rock and Nordic folk music.

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Gunnar Ekelöf

Gunnar Ekelöf (September 15, 1907 Stockholm-March 16, 1968 Sigtuna) a.k.a. Gunnar Ekelof or Gunnar Ekelöf was a Swedish writer, poet and author.

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Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn (February 18, 1860 Mora-August 22, 1920 Stockholm) a.k.a. Anders Leonard Zorn was a Swedish artist and visual artist.

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Laura Sjöqvist

Laura Sjöqvist (September 23, 1903-August 8, 1964) was a Swedish personality.

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Oscar I of Sweden

Oscar I of Sweden (July 4, 1799 Paris-July 8, 1859 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality. His children are Charles XV of Sweden, Oscar II of Sweden, Princess Eugenie of Sweden and Norway, Prince August, Duke of Dalarna and Prince Gustav, Duke of Uppland.

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Lars Levi Laestadius

Lars Levi Laestadius (October 1, 1800 Arjeplog-February 21, 1861 Pajala) was a Swedish botanist, religious leader, pastor, author and clergy.

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Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller

Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller (February 18, 1751 Stockholm-October 5, 1811 Delaware County) was a Swedish personality.

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Stina Berg

Stina Berg (October 21, 1869 Stockholm-October 5, 1930 Bromma) also known as Ursila Albertina Augustina Berg was a Swedish actor and comedian.

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Willgodt Theophil Odhner

Willgodt Theophil Odhner (August 10, 1845 Dalby, Lund Municipality-September 15, 1905 Saint Petersburg) was a Swedish engineer and entrepreneur.

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Per Albin Hansson

Per Albin Hansson (October 28, 1885 Malmö Municipality-October 6, 1946 Stockholm) also known as Hansson, Per Albin was a Swedish democracy activist.

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