Swedish music stars who deceased at age 61

Here are 8 famous musicians from Sweden died at 61:

Erik Acharius

Erik Acharius (October 10, 1757 Gävle-August 14, 1819 Vadstena) was a Swedish physician and botanist.

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Carl Snoilsky

Carl Snoilsky (September 8, 1841 Stockholm-May 19, 1903) also known as Sven Tröst was a Swedish writer.

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Sven Delblanc

Sven Delblanc (May 26, 1931 Swan River-December 15, 1992 Sunnersta) was a Swedish writer, novelist, author, translator and teacher.

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Ernst Wide

Ernst Wide (November 9, 1888-April 8, 1950) was a Swedish personality.

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Erik Ivar Fredholm

Erik Ivar Fredholm (April 7, 1866 Stockholm-August 17, 1927 Stockholm) was a Swedish mathematician.

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Carl Gustaf Mosander

Carl Gustaf Mosander (September 10, 1797 Kalmar-October 15, 1858 Lovön) was a Swedish chemist.

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Svante Olsson

Svante Olsson (May 20, 1893-April 8, 1955) was a Swedish personality.

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Tor Andræ

Tor Andræ (July 9, 1885 Hultsfred Municipality-February 24, 1947 Linköping) a.k.a. Tor Andrae or Tor Julius Efraim Andræ was a Swedish personality.

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