Swedish music stars who deceased at age 66

Here are 11 famous musicians from Sweden died at 66:

Bo Widerberg

Bo Widerberg (June 8, 1930 Malmö Municipality-May 1, 1997 Båstad) also known as Bo Gunnar Widerberg or Bo Wideberg was a Swedish screenwriter, film director, film editor and actor. His children are called Johan Widerberg, Nina Widerberg, Martin Widerberg and Matilda Widerberg.

He died caused by stomach cancer.

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Elin Wägner

Elin Wägner (May 16, 1882 Lund-January 7, 1949 Kronoberg County) also known as Elin Matilda Elisabeth Wägner was a Swedish writer and actor.

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Erik Axel Karlfeldt

Erik Axel Karlfeldt (July 20, 1864 Karlbo-April 8, 1931 Stockholm) also known as Karlfeldt, Erik Axel was a Swedish poet.

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Viktor Rydberg

Viktor Rydberg (December 18, 1828 Jönköping-September 21, 1895 Djursholm) also known as Abraham Victor Rydberg was a Swedish writer.

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Ludwig Ramberg

Ludwig Ramberg (February 21, 1874 Helsingborg-December 25, 1940 Uppsala) was a Swedish chemist.

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Eric Lindholm

Eric Lindholm (August 22, 1890-August 9, 1957) was a Swedish personality.

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Birger Dahlerus

Birger Dahlerus (February 6, 1891 Stockholm-March 8, 1957 Stockholm) was a Swedish diplomat.

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Jacob Letterstedt

Jacob Letterstedt (April 5, 1796-April 5, 1862) was a Swedish personality.

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Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin

Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin (September 22, 1717 Sunne, Sweden-December 13, 1783 Stockholm) was a Swedish astronomer and demographer.

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Robert Nobel

Robert Nobel (August 14, 1829 Stockholm-August 7, 1896) also known as Robert Hjalmar Nobel was a Swedish personality.

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Lennart von Post

Lennart von Post (June 16, 1884 Västerås Municipality-January 11, 1951) was a Swedish geologist.

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