Swedish music stars who deceased at age 72

Here are 21 famous musicians from Sweden died at 72:

Olaus Rudbeck

Olaus Rudbeck (September 13, 1630 Västerås-September 17, 1702 Uppsala) was a Swedish physician, writer and architect. He had two children, Olof Rudbeck the Younger and Wendela Rudbeck.

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Anders Sparrman

Anders Sparrman (February 27, 1748 Sweden-August 9, 1820 Stockholm) was a Swedish physician and scientist.

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Zeth Höglund

Zeth Höglund (April 29, 1884 Gothenburg-August 13, 1956) a.k.a. Zeth Hoglund was a Swedish writer, journalist and politician.

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Elis Wiklund

Elis Wiklund (December 12, 1909-March 15, 1982 Sollefteå) was a Swedish personality.

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Albert Gustaf Dahlman

Albert Gustaf Dahlman (February 17, 1848-July 30, 1920 Stockholm) was a Swedish executioner.

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Wivan Pettersson

Wivan Pettersson (January 24, 1904-November 7, 1976) was a Swedish swimmer.

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Ossian Skiöld

Ossian Skiöld (June 22, 1889 Mjölby-August 22, 1961 Bålsta) was a Swedish personality.

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Schamyl Bauman

Schamyl Bauman (December 4, 1893 Vimmerby-February 28, 1966 Boo, Sweden) a.k.a. Magnus Schamyl Bauman or S. Bauman was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, film producer and film editor. He had one child, Olle Baumann.

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Alfred Elis Törnebohm

Alfred Elis Törnebohm (October 16, 1838 Sweden-April 21, 1911) also known as Alfred Elis Tornebohm was a Swedish geologist.

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Halvar Björk

Halvar Björk (September 22, 1928 Borgvattnet-November 12, 2000 Huddinge Municipality) a.k.a. Halvar Bjork or Erik Halvar Bertil Björk was a Swedish actor.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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Nils Linde

Nils Linde (July 18, 1890-August 17, 1962) was a Swedish personality.

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Lars Hedwall

Lars Hedwall (February 10, 1897-July 29, 1969) was a Swedish personality.

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Martin von Wahrendorff

Martin von Wahrendorff (April 5, 1789-April 5, 1861) was a Swedish inventor and diplomat.

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August Malmström

August Malmström (October 14, 1829 Motala Municipality-October 18, 1901 Stockholm) also known as August Malmstrom was a Swedish personality.

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Allan Edwall

Allan Edwall (August 25, 1924 Jämtland-February 7, 1997 Stockholm) also known as Johan Allan Edwall or Allan Edvall was a Swedish screenwriter, film director, actor, composer, singer, author, television director and lyricist. He had four children, Mattias Edwall, Måns Edwall, Malin Edwall and Michael Edwall.

His albums include Edwalls blandning, Den lilla bäcken, Allans allra bästa, Aftonro, , and .

He died in prostate cancer.

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Carl Gustaf Ekman

Carl Gustaf Ekman (October 6, 1872 Munktorp-June 15, 1945 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality.

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Carl Charlier

Carl Charlier (April 1, 1862 Östersund-November 5, 1934 Lund) a.k.a. C. V. L. Charlier was a Swedish statistician and astronomer.

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Emanuel Nobel

Emanuel Nobel (June 10, 1859-May 31, 1932) was a Swedish personality.

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Åke Ohlmarks

Åke Ohlmarks (June 3, 1911 Kristianstad-April 5, 1984) was a Swedish personality.

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Hjalmar Söderberg

Hjalmar Söderberg (July 2, 1869 Stockholm-October 14, 1941 Copenhagen) a.k.a. Hjalmar Soderberg was a Swedish writer, playwright, poet and journalist. He had four children, Dora Söderberg, Tom Söderberg, Mikael Söderberg and Betty Söderberg.

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Nils Bielke

Nils Bielke (February 7, 1644 Stockholm-November 26, 1716) was a Swedish personality. He had one child, Carl Gustaf Bielke.

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