Swedish music stars who deceased at age 78

Here are 33 famous musicians from Sweden died at 78:

Ragnar Östberg

Ragnar Östberg (July 14, 1866 Stockholm-February 5, 1945 Stockholm) a.k.a. Ragnar Ostberg was a Swedish architect. He had one child, Susanna Ramel.

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Gustav Cassel

Gustav Cassel (October 20, 1866 Stockholm-January 14, 1945 Jönköping) was a Swedish economist.

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Nelly Sachs

Nelly Sachs (December 10, 1891 Schöneberg-May 12, 1970 Stockholm) was a Swedish writer, poet and playwright.

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Lars Roberg

Lars Roberg (January 4, 1664 Stockholm-May 21, 1742 Uppsala) was a Swedish physician.

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Lars Hanson

Lars Hanson (July 26, 1886 Gothenburg-April 8, 1965 Stockholm) also known as Lars Mauritz Hanson was a Swedish actor.

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Fredrik August Dahlgren

Fredrik August Dahlgren (September 20, 1816-February 16, 1895) was a Swedish writer.

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Torsten Lilliecrona

Torsten Lilliecrona (January 4, 1921 Jönköping-October 15, 1999 Höganäs) a.k.a. Torsten Casimir Wilhelm Florusson Lilliecrona or Tor Steen was a Swedish actor. His children are Peter Lilliecrona and Magnus Lilliecrona.

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Ulf von Euler

Ulf von Euler (February 7, 1905 Stockholm-March 9, 1983 Stockholm) also known as Ulf Svante von Euler was a Swedish pharmacologist and physiologist.

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Evert Nilsson

Evert Nilsson (October 22, 1894-February 14, 1973) was a Swedish personality.

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Hugo Lilliér

Hugo Lilliér (October 3, 1894-May 30, 1973) was a Swedish personality.

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Ernst Fast

Ernst Fast (January 21, 1881 Stockholm-October 26, 1959) was a Swedish personality.

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Egon Jönsson

Egon Jönsson (October 8, 1921 Malmö Municipality-March 19, 2000) was a Swedish personality.

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John Eke

John Eke (March 12, 1886-June 11, 1964) was a Swedish personality.

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Putte Kock

Putte Kock (June 29, 1901 Stockholm-October 31, 1979 Stockholm) also known as Rudolf "Putte" Kock or Rudolf Kock was a Swedish personality.

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Gunnar Johansson

Gunnar Johansson (February 29, 1924 Hjärtum-February 14, 2003 Aix-en-Provence) was a Swedish personality.

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Oscar Montelius

Oscar Montelius (September 9, 1843 Stockholm-November 4, 1921 Stockholm) was a Swedish archaeologist.

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Oscar Zallhagen

Oscar Zallhagen (January 25, 1893-August 20, 1971) was a Swedish personality.

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Evert Lundqvist

Evert Lundqvist (February 27, 1900 Gothenburg-February 19, 1979 Gothenburg) was a Swedish personality.

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Gunnar Holmberg

Gunnar Holmberg (May 6, 1897 Gothenburg-October 21, 1975 Borås) was a Swedish personality.

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Nils Frykberg

Nils Frykberg (March 13, 1888-December 13, 1966) was a Swedish personality.

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Janne Dahl

Janne Dahl (December 28, 1882-December 18, 1961) was a Swedish personality.

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Olof Melin

Olof Melin (August 3, 1861 Gothenburg-January 15, 1940 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality.

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Thorsten Nordenfelt

Thorsten Nordenfelt (March 1, 1842 Örby-August 18, 1920 Stockholm) also known as Thorsten Nordenfeldt was a Swedish inventor.

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Lars-Erik Larsson

Lars-Erik Larsson (May 15, 1908 Åkarp-December 27, 1986 Helsingborg) also known as Lars Erik Larson or Larsson, Lars-Erik was a Swedish film score composer and composer.

His albums include God In Disguise, Pastoral Suite, Violin Concerto, Violin Concerto / A Winter's Tale / Violin Concertino (Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor Stig Westerberg, violin:Leo Berlin), Twelve Concertinos 1-7, Music for Strings (Orebro Chamber Orchestra, Goran W Nilson), Scandinavian Masterpieces, , and .

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Sigge Fürst

Sigge Fürst (November 3, 1905 Stockholm-June 11, 1984 Danderyd) a.k.a. Sigge Furst, Sigurd Fürst, Fürst, Sigge or Karl Sigurd Tore Fürst was a Swedish actor and singer. He had three children, Lena Fürst, Lennart Fürst and Håkan Fürst.

He died in lung cancer.

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Oscar II of Sweden

Oscar II of Sweden (January 21, 1829 Stockholm Palace-December 8, 1907 Stockholm Palace) was a Swedish personality. He had four children, Gustaf V of Sweden, Prince Eugen, Duke of Närke, Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland and Prince Oscar Bernadotte.

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Louis Gerhard De Geer

Louis Gerhard De Geer (July 18, 1818 Finspång-September 24, 1896 Hanaskog) was a Swedish nobleman and politician.

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Sune Jonsson

Sune Jonsson (December 20, 1930 Sweden-January 30, 2009) was a Swedish personality.

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Malla Silfverstolpe

Malla Silfverstolpe (February 8, 1782-January 17, 1861) was a Swedish personality.

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Göte Turesson

Göte Turesson (April 6, 1892 Malmö Municipality-December 30, 1970 Uppsala) a.k.a. Gote Turesson or Göte Wilhelm Turesson was a Swedish botanist.

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Arvid Horn

Arvid Horn (April 6, 1664 Finland-April 17, 1742 Sweden) was a Swedish politician.

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Gunnar Heckscher

Gunnar Heckscher (July 8, 1909 Djursholm-November 24, 1987 Uppsala) was a Swedish political scientist.

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Per Brahe the younger

Per Brahe the younger (February 18, 1602 Rydboholm Castle-September 2, 1680 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality. He had one child, Elsa Beata Persdotter Brahe.

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